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Pkutalk - PKU Talk.NET

This is a microblog system written in, using ms sql server 2008.pkutalk v0.1 released

Myproject-ktltnttmkcshape-cnpm - VMT-Project

Manager All Code "Nơi lưu trữ toàn bộ code của Tôi"Ngôn ngữ: C++,C#,VB.Net,JavaNgày bắt đầu: 01/01/2011Ngày kết thúc (dự kiến): 01/06/2013

Dojojsonrestaspnet - Dojo JsonRestStore and Entity Data Models on

Dojo Json Rest Asp.NetBridge between Dojo's JsonRestStore and Entity Data Models via ASP.NET MVC2Version 0.01Features: CRUD Get by Id Nested sorting. Understands sort parameters like sort(+Name,-Age) Navigation properties as lazy references Defaults: Absolute references for navigation properties "store" is the RouteData.Values key that contains the name of ObjectSet Conventions: Optimism. Client must be right. No error checking. If a field or property is missing in Put or Post, it means you don'

Cs-dotnetnuke - Dot Net Nuke in C#

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. It is very well supported, just take a look at Unfortunately, VB and C# programmers don't cooperate as best they should, and take a mutually exclusive choice between the languages. This is unfortunate because DotNetNuke is a very well developed framework for ASP.NET that a lot of C# programmers do not want to look at. In an attempt to op

3rgbcom - All source of

All source of 2010.03 New Version of on with SQLAlchemy,Jinja2. 2009.01 Project named "N3C",developed in ASP.NET(c#),within NHibernate/SQLite/XML/XSLT 2008.12 & earlier The old version was developed with ASP(VBscript).

Kannon - Kannon is a full-stack open-source lightweight web framework for .NET

What is Kannon?Kannon is an attempt to create a full-stack open-source lightweight web framework for .NET. Without ASP.NET. public class HelloWorld : KannonApplication { public HelloWorld() { Install<SeoMiddleware>(); Install<ConditionalGetMiddleware>(); Dispatch("/", () => "Hello, world! You're on Kannon now."); } }Why Kannon?Being a professional .NET/ASP.NET developer, I came to understand that I spend way too much time doing work without actually doing it. ASP.NET is to blame here. More speci

Linkback - Working with trackbacks and pingbacks in .NET

Working with trackbacks and pingbacks in .NET Send Trackbackvar trackback = new Trackback();var target_url = new Uri("target_url");var parameters = new LinkbackSendParameters { Title = "title", Excerpt = "excerpt", Url = new Uri("source_url"), BlogName = "blog_name"};var result = trackback.Send(target_url, parameters);Receive Trackbackvar target_url = new Uri("target_url");var trackback = new Trackback();var result = trackback.Receive(Request, target_url);trackback.SendResponse(Response);Send Pi

Sharpcontentportal - An open source content management portal written in C#.

Sharp Content Portal is an open source content management portal written in C# and based on the popular DotNetNuke portal framework. The goal of this project it to offer the same great features as the Visual Basic version of the DotNetNuke framework while expanding on the security roles and content management features. Project Updates/Comments 01.30.2009: I have not been able to work on this project for sometime, so I have to declare future enhancements/development dead. Previous comments have b

Scoreos - An open source fantasy sports management system

The ProjectThe SCORE OS Project is a collaborative effort to develop an open source fantasy sports management system (FSMS). PrototypesThe first prototype is Pre Pro Sports (PPS) Fantasy College Football League Manager, Version 5.0, which is run on a WISA (Windows, IIS, SQLServer, ASP.NET) software stack. The PPS software is exclusively licensed. The second prototype is the Pre Pro Hoops South (PPHS) College Basketball League Manager, Version 2.0, which runs on a WIAA

Open-campfire - OpenCampfire.Net is a .Net implementation of OpenSocial/Shindig written in C#

OpenCampfire.NetOpenCampfire.Net is a .Net implementation of OpenSocial written in C#. We will utilize the Shindig client-side libraries, which implement the OpenSocial API, and mirror the server-side development as much as possible. My hope is to eventually merge this project into the main Shindig tree. Status(2008-08-25) This project will be on hold for the next few months, should be able to resume in January, 2009. ExternalResources(2008-07-01 10:30) I am adding some links for other materials