ASP League Ladder System

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An ASP ladder / league system for online gaming league or real life leagues also.



Related Projects


This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and esport related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. It supports a wide range of php versions and database drivers.

First Lego League Software

This is where the software for the First Lego League (FLL) scoring program exists.

LeagueEditor JavaScript/DOM

Use the LeagueEditor JavaScript to manage or administrate your Football-Leagues on your own homepage in a simple way.


HTLS is an Hattrick live match viewer, based on the old Livefox.

Open Soccer Manager (OSM)

Soccer manager with many new features, 2D/3D match engine, it will be released under GPL for Windows and Linux. OSM will include built-in database viewer/editor. Also all world leagues will be in. Over 50 statistics per player.


PHPFootball is a modular football managing program wich contains , league , news , predictions management modules and more

Openladder - Elo-based competitive ladder system

OpenLadder is an implementation of a ranking system using Elo ratings (the same kind used in rating players in chess and Go), making it easy for you to create your own league or continuous tournament for any game. Supports player profiles and player-initiated matchmaking and reporting, with many more features in the works. VisionOpenLadder aims to be a complete competition manager for web-based tracking of competitive gaming leagues, regardless of the game at in question. Current FeaturesUser cr

Squashtournament - A squash ladder

Squashtournament is a squash ladder, with automated league table, community elements(comments, mailinglist, member profile) written in PHP, using a mysql backend. This project is in it's starting fase. The issue tracker is currently uses as a blueprint tracker. All well thought-out goals etc should be documented in separated wiki entry's. See the Wiki section for a DataModel and BluePrint The SVN log is filled test commits and total direction changes etc. Serious coding is starting later. No com


easyLadder provides an easy to manage Online Gaming League System. Support for Ladder/League and other Modi and an easy to use Admin and Template System.