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ASpell.Net is the first open source .Net spell checker based on the gnu Aspell Project.



Related Projects


raspell is an interface binding for ruby ( to aspell (

Gambas components: Dict amp; aspell clients

Components for Gambas: a Dict.Org client and a aspell client; that gives you,a dictionary from Dict.Org and a spell checker from aspell in Gambas(See also: )

Spell checker .Net

Based on GUN Aspell and implement with .Net. Can check the word misspelling.

Wikimediaspellchecker - improved version of scijax - a spellchecker for mediawiki

this project needs a new maintainer - contact me if interested This is an improved version of the spellchecker found here: To install - for recent versions of mediawiki: wmspellchecker-0.1-1.9.1.tar.gz for recent mediawiki versions, tested with: 1.8.2 1.9.1 wmspellchecker-0.1-1.5.2.tar.gz (includes howto) for older mediawiki versions, tested with: 1.5.2 New i

Spellcode - Source code spell checking utility

SpellCode is multiprogramming language support - source code spell checking utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. SpellCode can understand the source code syntax of all the major programming languages, analyzes the source code intelligently and ignores all the tags, symbols and other application specific identifiers. With help of it's easy to use interface you can easily use it with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, Borland C++ Builder / Delphi IDE, Eclipse IDE and with it's variants, NetB

Spellcore - Simple, extensible, unified access to multiple spell-checking engines

Notice: Due to the high degree of overlap, this project has been abandoned in favor of Enchant SpellCore is a an open-architecture spelling/orthography-changing engine for minority languages. In a typical language development project, workers use four or more applications to produce vernacular materials (i.e. reading primers, dictionaries, books). Because these are non-commercially interesting languages, ready-made spell-checkers are not available. Some applications have their own way to spell c

Hunspell-marathi-dictionary - Open Source collection of correct Marathi words

Marathi words without any spelling mistakes are being collected to be made available for Hunspell and Aspell engines. Online Demo: Open Office Writer Extension: Firefox Extension:

Coffeemilk - CoffeeMilk is a Java client for Remember the Milk

CoffeeMilk is a 100% pure Java client for RTMThis product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.Please see for further information on what RTM exactly is. This is an early release of this software. The current feature set include: drag & drop moving of tasks from one list to another editing tags/title/due date/priority smart edit of due date & title (see RTM documentation for details on this) full notes editing enable