Aspect Perl

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Aspect oriented programming in Perl



Related Projects


A pure perl BBS package with a full web interface to ALL aspects of the BBS, including planned web support for most/all door games.

Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX)

TPoX is an XML database benchmark based on a financial application scenario. It is used to evaluate the performance of XML database systems, focusing on XQuery, SQL/XML, XML storage, XML indexing, XML Schema support, XML updates, and other aspects.

Yweather - Perl Script to fully utilize Yahoo Weather RSS feeds.

yWeather is a script used to get different aspects of weather from a yahoo weather rss feed. It is different from others in that it locally caches the information until it is told to update again.

Scottie - A Perl script to create the framework for a Beamer presentation from a LaTeX file.

This project aims to simplify the process of creating a Beamer presentation from a composed LaTeX document. This script will pull such common aspects, such as author, title, figures, and equations from the source TeX document and create a framework for a Beamer presentation.

Existpl - Existence and state of being of a running program. is work of software art based on an introspective metaphysical and ontological examination of existence and being from the standpoint of a running process on a computer. The software attempts to examine its own existence and state of being based on a variety of known philosophies combined with the physical aspects of being a computer program.

Gpower - A gtk based power management tool for laptops

A tool/framework to compliment (or possibly replace) laptop_mode by providing a gtk based program that allows novice users to select a power savings profile such as "Max Performance" or "Max Power Savings" while still letting advanced users fine tune individual aspects of the profile. The software consists of a gtk gui (in perl), simple "module" descriptions that define a particular power saving feature, how to detect it and what to do if the user enables the feature and the associated scripts t

Jarl - Perl/Tk Jabber Client

Jarl is a Perl/Tk Client. It strives to provide full functionality with every aspect of the Jabber IM system. It currently supoprts messaging, chat, groupchat, ICQ, AIM, and IRC support.

checksuite resource monitoring tools

checksuite is a suite of perl scripts to assist in day-to-day system administration tasks. The scripts are intended to monitor system resources and a few security-related aspects. This is intended for Linux and may work on other Unix platforms.


Cog is a themeable and modularized intranet homepage written in perl. The aim is to make almost every aspect configurable via the web interface to give the user the freedom of choice.

Dexlanguage - A programming language that combines C-like syntax with LISP-like macros.

Dex is a programming language that combines C-like syntax and semantics with LISP-like macros, so it ought to be universally loathed.Dex is an imperative, statically typed, compiled language. Its design was influenced by C, Ada, Java, C# and modern scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby), and to a lesser extent by LISP and OCaml.Dex macros take a Dex parse tree as input and can modify that tree as the macro writer desires. Dex macros are written in Dex; the Dex standard library contains mo