ASP Classic Compiler

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This project hosts examples, tests and discussions of ASP Classic Compiler. ASP Classic Compiler is based on a VBScript compiler that compiles ASP pages into a .NET executable so that they can run inside the ASP.NET environment.



Related Projects


IronPython is a implementation of the Python programming language on the .NET Framework. It supports an interactive interpreter with fully dynamic compilation. It is well integrated with the rest of the framework, making all .NET libraries easily available to a Python program.

Javascript DLR Engine

A Javascript Engine built on top of DLR.


DLR Pad gives you the expressiveness of dynamic languages at your finger tips, while developing WPF based application. Using DLR Pad you can define a sample UI using XAML and then script against it using IronPython or IronRuby. DLR Pad is ideal for rapid testing of some functi...

Sharepoint WebPartator

Generator of WebParts based on classic usercontrols. Allows web developers to easily create WebParts by compiling web projects. WebPartator uses AOP to weave at post-build time WebParts that are wrappers of the user controls you have created in your web project. Than...

Dynamic-script-control - Allow DLR controls to participate in the XAML tree

We created a control that can be used with WPF or Silverlight to integrate DLR based controls into the xaml so that they can participate a little better into XAML based applications.

Ironlua - IronLua is a Lua compiler targeting the DLR

IronLua, a Lua compiler for .net/Mono, is the result of my playings with Irony and the DLR.

Nua (Lua for the DLR)

Lua for the Dynamic Languages Runtime (DLR)

Claspdev - An event driven Framework developed in VBScript

THE best event driven Framework developed in VBScript for the development of Classic ASP Web application. Clasp is targeted at ASP developers who are actively maintaining existing ASP applications or those who might want to gradually move from ASP to ASP.Net.

Dynemerle - Dynemerle is a dynamic derivative of the Nemerle language

Dynemerle is a language based on Nemerle that adds dynamic features and aims to make a better compiler on the DLR. It is a proper superset of the Nemerle language.