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The ASP CAPTCHA Project (ASP Implementation of CAPTCHA) CAPTCHA is an acronym for quot;Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers amp; Humans Apartquot;. It can generate amp; grade tests that: ? Most humans can pass ? Current computer programs can't



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ASP.NET MVC compliant captcha generation library.

Captcha Control

Captcha Control (C#) allows users to add a captcha to an page. The control supports declarative settings of fontsize, font family, color, captcha length, background image, character set, success, error and buttons' text. Supports audio - reading out the captcha text.


Captcha HtmlHelper for ASP.NET MVC 3 with simple ariphmetic expression. No WCF required, neither any other communications. Written in C#.

XCaptcha - CAPTCHA Images for ASP.NET MVC

An extendable and simple to use framework for creating CAPTCHA images.

MyCaptcha! free Captcha control

MyCaptcha is a free opensoruce ASP.NET Captcha control written in C# 3.0.

ASP.NET MVC Press/Blog Sample Application

This project will provide you with an ASP.NET MVC Press(WordPress like)/Blog Sample application. Multi Tenant Blogging System Standard Features - A Wordpress like clone allowing for multiple blogs - Blog functionality including: Posts, Post, Comments with CAPTCHA, Tags, Cate...

Distinct CAPTCHA Web Service

Distinct CAPTCHA used to add CAPTCHA to, InfoPath and SharePoint. The web service supports two methods one for generate and one to validate

Recaptcha for .NET

A library that allows a developer to easily integrate Google's Recaptcha service in an ASP.NET application.

MVC ReCaptcha

Using ReCaptcha with Asp.Net MVC MvcReCaptcha makes it easier for you to implement the proven ReCaptcha technology. It's developed in C#. Based on solution provided by

Xsltdb - XsltDb - DotNetNuke Application Development Environment

XsltDb. DotNetNuke Application Development EnvironmentOverviewXsltDb is a DotNetNuke module for programmers. Actually it is a browser-based Application Development Environment for DotNetNuke. It is based on XSLT and provides database access, external XML access, set of AJAX techniques, user interaction. With XsltDb you can use ASP.NET and Telerik controls, external javascript AJAX libraries, write server-side code. XsltDb provides syntax highlighting, code completion and full-screen editing that