The ASN.1 Compiler

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This ASN.1 compiler turns ASN.1 specifications into C code. The asn1c is shipped together with conformant BER/DER/XER/PER codecs. The X.509, GSM TAP3, MEGACO, RRC and LDAP encoding and decoding examples are part of the source code distribution. NOTE: THE asn1c PROJECT HAS LARGELY MOVED TO GITHUB:



Related Projects

Gpsoft - Collection of useful scripts and programs

A collection of useful scripts and programs that I used in my work to simplify it, written in Java, Perl, C, C++ and Python. Perl Script : - This script perl produce a BER Codification in STDOUT of an ASN1 File.

Rasberry-jam - ASN1 compiler with sugar spreadable toast topping goodness

We aim to make a fully standards compliant ASN1to{C,C++,Java,Python,...} compiler. Goals are to parse arbitrary ASN1 and output encoders/decoders in a target language(s) selected by the user.

A2c - Compiles ASN.1 into C

a2c is an ASN.1 compiler. It reads one or more ASN.1 syntax files (often called ASN.1 modules) and emits a C program that embodies that syntax. a2c is useful to programmers who are writing C programs that will read and/or write data that is expressed in an ASN.1 format, such as PKIX certificates and CMS (S/MIME) messages. a2c handles nearly all of the ASN.1:2002 syntax (inputs in earlier versions can be converted to ASN.1:2002). In specific, the compiler can handle ITU-T Rec. X.680 (without the

Bnotes - BinaryNotes is the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) framework for Java and .NET.

The framework contains: Encoding/decoding library. The library has BER, DER and PER implementation. BNCompiler - the extensible ASN.1 compiler which is able to generate Java or C# code for the specified ASN.1 input file. The generated code has annotations/metadata that uses the compiler in runtime. You can customize the generated files by change the original XSL-templates or create your own templates.

Asn1parser - ASN1Parser is ASN.1(Abstract Syntax Notation 1) parser for 3GPP specifications (special

ASN1Parser is ASN.1(Abstract Syntax Notation 1) parser for 3GPP specifications (specially RRC, S1AP, X2AP). ASN1Parser�3GPP標準�記載�れ�ASN.1(抽象構文記法.1)を解読�る���構文解�器��。 特�RRC(TS36.331)�S1AP(TS36.413)�X2AP(TS36.423)プロトコルを対象������。 ASN1Parser�C#(CSharp)�記述�����。 構文解�部分�LALR(1)パーサジェ�レータ��る『caper�を利用���������り��。 (

mASN1 - mini ASN.1 framework for .NET

quot;mASN1quot; - mini ASN.1 framework is a light ASN.1 framework written in C# for .NET framework. It can be used for creating classes that model ASN.1 types and are capable of encoding/decoding themselves to BER/DER codes. PER support is planned.

III ASN.1 Tool

An ASN.1 to C++ Compiler


C#/.NET SNMP V1+2+3 framework with fully functioning BER/ASN.1 Decoders and Encoders


HWSLib is a class library written in C#. It`s working under the .NET Framework 2.0 and helps developers for implementing an ASN.1 - DER encoding, encryption, logging, etc.

Openmheg - An MHEG-5 engine for windows

OpenMheg is a MHEG-5 engine for Windows. It allows you to view over-the-air interactive services, such as BBCi and Teletext in the UK and other regions that use MHEG-5. Forward all queries to this Google group ReleasesRelease 0.1.2 is available Requires .Net Framework 3.5 See what has changed Download it here Read the ReadMe This is early pre-alpha code, so be prepared for issues. Please report any problems. SummaryA framework for MHEG-5 that includes a working engine compliant to UK 1.06, an XM

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