asMock: ActionScript Mocking Framework

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asMock is a dynamic mocking framework for Flex/Flash (AS3). More information, including news, tutorials and API Documentation can be found at the asMock website:



Related Projects

Flemit - Dynamic byte code generation for Flash/Flex

FLemit is a library that allows dynamic ABC (ActionScript Byte Code) code to be generated and executed at runtime. FLemit is NOT an ActionScript compiler; it requires users have a thorough knowledge of the AVM2. FLemit currently only exists as the basis for FLoxy, the dynamic proxy generation library which, in turn, was created for ASMock. For that reason, it's APIs are not currently documented and will change dramatically in the future.

Floxy - Runtime dynamic proxy generation library for Flash/Flex

FLoxy is a dynamic proxy generation library for Flash/Flex. The library itself has been part of the ASMock dynamic mocking framework since its inception, but increasing usage of the dynamic proxy code has pushed me to create a separate project. This project supports the public APIs for the proxy generation code only; for the dynamic byte code generation code that FLoxy is based on, see the FLemit project.

Flex4-solar-planet-list - Extended example of custom Flex 4 layouts in List component

Flex 4 introduces separating containers and their layouts. This flexible feature is great for creating customized versions of standard data controls (for example List). So we can create a control with absolutely different look and feel and represented in our application as ordinal List (from the developer's point of view). We even can switch between List representations using new Flex 4 states syntax having very rich and impressive GUI and the same application logic. This project illustrates the

Loom-as3 - AOP/Bytecode Weaving Library for ActionScript 3

Loom: An AOP Library and Bytecode Weaver for ActionScript 3Loom lives on as as3commons-bytecode! Please support Roland and his team as they pick up the torch. The goal of the Loom project was to provide runtime subclass generation and bytecode weaving in a native ActionScript 3 environment. The primary intent for the library was to support aspect-oriented programming (AOP), but further use cases include supporting mocking, logging, security, and other AOP-based solutions that need to overcome th

Mock4as - Mock Object Library for AS3

Mock4AS is a simple Mock Object Library for ActionScript3. The current version of Mock4AS provides a minimalistic Mock Objects library fulfilling the basic Unit Tests mocking needs. To get started download the latest version of and add it to your project. What is Mock4AS?Mock4as is a simple ActionScript3 library used to verify the interaction between dependent components. How to use Mock4asUsing a Mock4AS for unit testing involves the following steps: Create a mock object class 2 Instant

ASMock - asmock github holding with FB config

asmock github holding with FB config

asmock - ASMock project from

ASMock project from

AsMockExample - Example of using .doAction(..) in AsMock

Example of using .doAction(..) in AsMock