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AsmLib is a general purpose library for console or terminal programs. Everything is written in assembler and is intended for assembler programmers. Function groups include display handlers, keyboard, mouse, file, shell, sort, process control, etc.



Related Projects

Aamlib-opencv - an C++ implementation of Active Appearance Model using opencv

This is not working yet. But the asmlib-opencv is working, giving pretty good result with a fast speed. Please refer to asmlib-opencv .

Avr-asmlib - AVR-Assembler code library archive

This project contains some librarys for AVR-microcontrollers. Librarys writen in AVR-Assembler.

Graph100-asmlib - A collection of useful functions for the casio algebra fx / graph100 graphic calcu

A collection of functions coded in assembler for : displaying text (with different font sizes) displaying big pictures and other functions to manage the calculator

Faceworkshop - Face image processing workshop

Face image workshop. Try to easily edit your face without making noticeable change to the background. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Binary executable files for Windows are provided. An alpha release is now available. Currently it can reshape your face by a few clicks. It's implementation relies on my two other projects:asmlib-opencv and imgwarp-opencv. Note that although the code is available in SVN, it's extremely ugly. They've written years ago mainly for experiment purpose. If you wan

Asmlib-opencv - an ASM(Active Shape Model) implementation by C++ using opencv 2

An open source Active Shape Model library written by C++ using OpenCV 2.0 (or above), no other dependencies. Thanks to CMake, the library has been successfully compiled in following environments: Linux (both 32 and 64 bits) Windows(both VC and MinGW) Mac OS X Both training and fitting codes are provided. For Windows users, a binary demo is available for download. The library implements ASM and BTSM(Bayesian Tangent Shape Model). I think its result is good for most frontal faces. The fitting spee

asm-lib - Assembler libarary for DOS development

Assembler libarary for DOS development

asm-release - asm_release.c, given an ASM disk name, issues an ASMOP_CLOSE_DISK via the asmlib ABI.

asm_release.c, given an ASM disk name, issues an ASMOP_CLOSE_DISK via the asmlib ABI.

asmlib - some assemble utils i use. nothing interesting

some assemble utils i use. nothing interesting


Simple asm file that contains utility functions to be used under DOS OS. Mostly they are only wrapers around DOS interrupts. This file was created to collect frequently used interrupots while working for lab-works for system programming in university.