Assembler JVM

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Compiler for java assembly to class file. This compiler contains dead code detection and allow creating method, field and constructor from a java assembly file



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Enhancer - Code generation management for OSGi

IntroA simple library to help in the building of class generation applications under OSGi. This is not a code generation framework - there are plenty of those already. Instead this library controls when classes are produced by a pluggable code generator and manages the class loading environment into, which the classes can safely be defined and linked. Currently this project is intended as an introduction to advanced class loading and code generation under OSGi. It is functional but not refined t

Ooc-gcc - An easy to use Template to write OO program with pure C !

An easy to use Template to write OO program with pure C !latest version 0.22How to Compilee.g. "gcc OODbg.c test_Animals.c"Simple Cat/Dog Example#include "OOStd.h"CLASS(Animal){\tchar *name;\tSTATIC(Animal);\tvFn talk;};static int Animal_load(Animal *THIS,void *name){\tTHIS->name=name;\treturn 0;}ASM(Animal,Animal_load,NULL,NULL,NULL)CLASS_EX(Cat,Animal){\tSTATIC_EX(Cat,Animal);};static void Meow(Animal *THIS){\tprintf("Meow!My name is %s!\",THIS->name);}static int Cat_loadSt(StAnimal *THIS,void

Jsonmarshaller - Fast, Lightweight, Easy to Use and Type Safe JSON marshalling library for Java

JsonMarshaller is a Java 1.5 library that allows marshalling and unmarshalling of JSON objects to and from entities ("Java classes"). Release of 1.0After almost three years of feedback (thanks!), the 1.0 release is almost ready. We are hoping to complete it for Q1 or Q2 of 2009. The remaining enhancements are (r2) dependency on ASM, (r7) registering types, (r20) strategies and critical bugs r11, r15. Goalssimplicity - Using this library should be obvious and require the smallest knowledge about

Mutability-detector - Lightweight analysis tool for detecting mutability in Java classes

What Does it Do?Mutability Detector is designed to analyse Java classes and report on whether instances of a given class are immutable. It is intended that Mutability Detector will be usable at runtime, as part of your Java application, as a standalone task, or integrating with your unit testing library of choice. Why Try To Detect Mutability?Developing classes to be immutable has several benefits. An immutable object is one which cannot be changed once it is constructed. While writing concurren

Jyield - Java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines

jyield aims to provide java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines. The methods annotated with @Continuable are transformed in runtime or optionally in compile time. FeaturesGenerators Continuations Chaining continuations Execution state serialization support Try catch blocks support Synchronized blocks support Code import jyield.Continuable;import jyield.Yield;public class Sample { @Continuable public static Iterable<Integer> power(int number, int exponent) { int

Tisugly-for-java - A design assertion framework for Java projects

TisUgly was developed to allow teams put their module design decisions into the build process. If particular packages access other packages or modules that are off limits based on team design decisions then the build should break. TisUgly enables teams to write their design decisions about packages and modules into xUnit test cases to run with rest of your programmer test execution. To get started using TisUgly, please go to the Downloads area to get the library and the TisUgly wiki page for cod

Gjutil - Utility Libraries for Java on Google App Engine

GJUtil is a utility library for Java applications on App Engine. FeaturesCachingAnnotations Dependency on GuiceGJUtil depends on Guice for annotations to work. All classes containing GJUtil annotations must be instantiated (or injected) via Guice; otherwise, the annotations will not have any effect. (Note that dependency on Guice is not that strong. See this post for motivation behind this.) It would be really cool to remove all external dependencies (Guice) and make GJUtil usable in other frame

Tamiflex - facilitates static analysis of programs that use reflection and custom class loaders

SOAP 2012 @ PLDIInternational Workshop on the State Of the Art in Java Program AnalysisCo-located with PLDI, June 2012 in Beijing, China.Submissions by March 28th, 2012.A small request to our usersWe would appreciate if you could briefly let us know about how you use TamiFlex. To do so, click here. It will only take a minute. Thanks! NewsSeptember 25th, 2011: TamiFlex 2.0 is out! Read more about this release in the ChangeLog May 25th, 2011: Download out ICSE presentation here as Keynote or PDF f

Nanoos - A C++ asm(x86) Hobby OS developed using g++

Nano OSAn object oriented OS written in C++ and assembly. How toI recommend trying out the floppy disk image(very recent) first. Please download the disk image. use qemu or bochs to boot the image. After you satisfied your self please join the project and checkout the source. Play around and understand what is happening where. then discuss here and try to implement small chunks and small functionality. I will suggest try out modifying the shell code to add few more commands. Next modify IStream

Jpeg-compressor - JPEG image compressor and decompressor classes in two C++ source files.

jpeg-compressor is a small (~1000 lines), easy to use public domain C++ class in a single source file jpge.cpp that writes baseline JPEG compressed images. It supports grayscale and H1V1/H2V1/H2V2 chroma subsampling factors, Libjpeg-compatible quality settings, and is reasonably fast with fairly low (typically less than 64KB) memory consumption. The core compression class consists of a single 890 line C++ file with a small header, along with a couple optional higher-level helper/example function