Ad-hoc Support Library

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Ad-hoc Support Library (ASL) is a user-space library which provides an API to faciliate implementation of routing protocols for wireless ad-hoc networks in Linux.



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it's a library for as3 projects

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Airbob stands for Better Overview on Builds and is a small research project to investigate the new Adobe AIR technology. The application was developed using Flex3. The application can be used to monitor a Cruise Control build server. There are other existing 3rd party tools available that in some way interface with the server. Tools like CCTray and JCCTray can be used to monitor the build status of the projects. The project uses the following libraries: NascomASLib Cairngorm as3corelib Screensho

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Notice: As of 3-20-09, I am no longer developing this. This is a failure on my part, because of my bad coding practices. I can no longer maintain and add to my code, so this project is becoming a huge time sink. I'm sorry for those who wanted a full echochrome clone; I guess you'll have to wait for a good PSP emulator, or another programmer who is willing to write another echochrome clone (I'm happy to teach the concepts to anyone who wants to take up the challenge). Update 7-30-09, it occurred

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