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An improved version of ASLB which introduces the ability to make implementations geographically aware.



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Galaxygamepdp11 - One of the first Arcade games.

This is the source code for the first coin operated video games it was created at Stanford in the early 70s. Created by Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck in 1971. It is written for the PDP-11 in machine language. I thought you might be interested in the number of opcodes used in Galaxy Game, so here a listing of the opcode and the times they are used. Opcode Amount ADC 11 ADD 57 ASL 19 ASLB 1 ASR 4 BEQ 37 BGE 7 BGT 26 BIC 16 BIS 7 BIT 27 BLE 10 BLT 17 BMI 1 BNE 26 BPL 20 BR 25 BVC 4 CLR 50 CLRB 1 CMP 37