Asirios - Nacion Asiria - Noticias de actualidad

Este sitio web ha sido creado con la finalidad de dar a conocer la situacion de la minoria asiria de Oriente Medio.


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Generic Updater for win32

Due to Sourceforge's complying with US law to deny site access of 5 countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria), GUP for win32 in SF is no more active. Please check : for the project current information.

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the best tools for farsi language .

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Pycircuit - Circuit analysis environment for Python

We have moved to github ( because of Google's decision to censor Google Code in countries on the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list, including Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria

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Smartoptimizer - optimizes website front-end using minfiy, gzip and cache on demand

Damn Google!We moved to github( because Google prevents users residing in countries on the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list, including Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria from accessing Google Code website and its hosted projects.

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Persian-literature - Persian Literature Digital Library

The aim of this project is to make Iranian Literature (in Persian) available through a variety of media including databases, xml, text etc. for use in other projects.

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Shamsi to Gregorian

Features: *Convert Shamsi date to Gregorian date. *Convert Gregorian date to Shamsi date. *Show current Shamsi and Gregorian date. Requirement: *You need .NET framework 3.5 to install this program

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Phpspastebin - PHPS Pastebin

PHPS Pastebin is a simple pastebin site script, designed to be fast and secure. It can be used to power up a pastebin sites, to highlight PHP code. It cannot highlight any other syntax, it's target is PHP. Most recent version is always available here. We moved away from sourceforge and google code due to ban of Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and Lybia. No more releases or project information or updates will be posted in here. You can always visit project site at and get

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A-test-project-by-zzl - Ru for Iran5Line

Ru for Iran5Line

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Greenskypebulkcaller - Iran Green Skype Bulk Caller

Iran Green Skype Bulk Caller

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Getsubmanga - Aplicación para descargar Manga desde

Esta aplicación esta diseñada para poder descargar los Manga de forma cómoda desde Hay mucho camino hasta tener una aplicación decente, así que toda ayuda será bien recibida. TO-DO Limpiar código y habilitar mas funciones. Crear una nueva interfaz, mas cuidada y mejor diseñada. Habilitar visión a través del software (y no tener que entrar en submanga). Y muchas cosas mas que se nos iran ocurriendo seguro.

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