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Examples (code samples) describing the construction of active objects on the top of Boost.Asio. A code-based guide for client/server creation with usage of active object pattern by means of Boost C++ Libraries.



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Soundgrain - Graphical interface to control granular sound synthesis.

Sound Grain is a graphical interface where users can draw and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis modules. RequirementsMinimum versions (for running SoundGrain from sources): Python : 2.6.x WxPython : 2.8.x pyo : 0.6.0 NewsSoundGrain version 4.1.0 - February 2012This version fixes several bugs and adds some important features : Fixed crash when playing with number of channels. Fixed unicode support, allowing non-ascii characters. Fixed trajectories and FxBalls position when res

Bitspersampleconv2 - PCM WAVファイルを処��るプログラム色々

WASAPI排他モードã�«ã�¤ã�„ã�¦ 矩形波ã�®å…¥ã�£ã�ŸWavファイルを作るツールSqWave2ã�®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ Wavファイルã�®ä½�相をå��転ã�™ã‚‹ãƒ—ログラムWavInvertã�®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ ASIOデãƒ�イスã�«æ­£å¼¦æ³¢ã�®ãƒ‘ルスを出力ã�—ã�¦éŒ²éŸ³ã�—ã€�WAVファイルを作æˆ�ã�™ã‚‹Pulse5ã�®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ é‡�å­�化ビット数を減らã�™ãƒ—ログラムBitsPerSampleConvã�®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ 2ã�¤ã�®WAVファイルã�®å·®åˆ†WAVファイルを作æˆ�ã�™ã‚‹ãƒ—ログラムWavDiffã�®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ 2ã�¤ã�®å�Œã�˜æ›²ã�®WAVフã

Pureaudio-mediaportal-plugin - Advanced music player plugin for MediaPortal mediacenter.

PureAudio is an external player plugin for the MediaPortal mediacenter software: It can be used as a replacement for the built-in music player to provide some extra "audiophile" features: True gapless playback mode (sample-perfect). Normal playback mode with adjustable gap length. Easy bitperfect playback over ASIO (with appropiate hardware). Customizable ASIO channelmapping that allows you to directly drive the S/PDIF output on for example M-Audio Delta cards wi

Newac - A Set of Delphi components designed for sound processing tasks.

New Audio Components (NewAC) are designed to help your Delphi programs perform different sound processing tasks. With NewAC you can play audio stored in many formats (wav, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Monkey Audio, WavPack, MP3, Windows WMA, DTS, AC-3 (Dobly Surround), VOB (DVD files)). The playback is performed in the background, and although your application can control it (stop, pause, move forward and backward, play in a loop) it can perform other tasks while audio plays. Both DirectSound and ASIO may

Template-n-boost - Practice Template and Boost and IOCP

Using Template, make Stack, Queue, List, Map. These can choose Strategy of Lock, MemoryPool(Allocator) Analyze STL's Container. Make Sample. Analyze Boost Flyweight, Serialization, SmaprtPtr(scoped_ptr, shared_ptr, weak_ptr), Variant. And make samples. Make Chatting Client Program using C# / Make Chatting Server Program using IOCP(C++). Analyze Boost Asio. And Make Chatting Server


Examples (code samples) describing the construction of (async) active objects on the top of Boost.Asio.

serial_async - boost::asio::serial sample project

boost::asio::serial sample project

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