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ASHEs is a program written in C# that models the forward evolution of haplotypes from an ancestral state under different scenarios. Groups of haplotypes, either in multi-locus or binary format, are allowed to sort along Markov chains following random probability distributions.



Related Projects

Ashmind - Minor tools and libraries I use

This is a collection of libraries (AshMind.Constructs, AshMind.Extensions) that I tend to use in all my projects.



Asterisk-connection-manager - A dynamic-library and shell for simple asterisk connections.

This project was to make it easier to communicate with an asterisk/trixbox server. It uses a DLL, which can be used for Visual Studio projects, and has a template application called ASH.

Js18 - JavaScript 1.8

Like JavaScript 1.7, only better. Like JavaScript 1.8.1, only without the JIT and autoconf. (Holding project until/if Mozilla accepts code, from Wes & Ash)

Cosmud - A diku derivative mud. With a very twisted sense of itself.

Rising back from the ashes of the ages. COSmud is being brought back to life. We will be starting back from a base build of the resort code. Some points along the project path. We will want to rebuild the underlaying flat file structure and push for a actual full featured database back end. A rebuild of the area file system to allow for a world map that is far better then the current implementation. A reintroduction of the skill system used by the old COSmud. The desire to build a simple to use

Ppqs - Plesk PHP Qmail Stats

PPSQ AKA Plesk PHP Qmail Stats make png charts of Plesk Qmail queue, sent/received mail and mail services TCP connections. It works with Plesk Qmail logs and Netstat standard command to retrieve the information about Qmail. It works with cron,b ash and php scripts, that are very easy to understand and modify. In a future it could work also with mysql to improve speed and scalability, now it uses cvs files. To make the png charts it requires GD lib and pchart class. PSPQ is developed and tested u


Puff is an atmospheric dispersion model using a lagrangian particle-tracking method, used primarily for simulating volcanic ash cloud trajectories.

Pynix - A small Python application to create and manage backups.

PynixPynix is a small application written in Python. It provides an UI to rsync in order to simplify backup process of your system. Furthermore it's going to provide other features in the future like mail notification and compression support. What does "Pynix" mean?Pynix is a composed word. It reminds the "Phoenix" that is a mythical sacred firebird. The assonance with backup is given by its ableness to reborn anew to live again from its ashes. In fact, a backup should prevent user from losing a

ASH Viewer

ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active session history data within the Oracle instance (versions supported: 8i/9i/10g/11g).