Advanced Systems Generator

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A very advanced systems generator in the first phase...planning.



Related Projects

Cliche - Very simple command-line shell for Java applications

Cliche Command-Line ShellCliche is a small Java library enabling really simple creation of interactive command-line user interfaces. It uses metadata and Java Reflection to determine which class methods should be exposed to end user and to provide info for user. Therefore all information related to specific command is kept in only one place: in annotations in method's header. User don't have to organize command loop, write complicated parsers/converters for primitive types, though he can impleme

Arpeggio - Parser interpreter based on PEG grammars written in Python

Arpeggio is parser interpreter based on PEG grammars implemented as recursive descent parser with memoization (aka Pacrat parser). Arpeggio is part of research project whose main goal is building environment for DSL development. The main domain of application is IDE for DSL development but it can be used for all sort of general purpose parsing. Some essential planed/done features are error reporting and error recovery as well as access to the raw parse tree in order to support syntax highlightin

Another-sbaz-gui - An alternative GUI for sbaz (Scala Bazaar System)

New! Upgrading from 2.9.1-RC4 to 2.9.1-final Installing multiple Scala releases This is another GUI for the Scala Bazaar System, an alternative for sbazgui. It works by piggybacking sbaz, and intercepting console I/O to interact with it. The program has been tested under Windows-XP and Linux (Ubuntu-10.10). For sbaz purposes, the program is named asg (abbreviation of "another sbaz gui"). The Windows version only can currently be downloaded and installed by sbaz as follows: sbaz update sbaz insta

Asg09 - Amazonia Serious Game

Simulate and sensitize about what is happening in Amazonia using a game.



asg3submit - submissionfiles for asg3

submissionfiles for asg3