Ada 95 Appl. Support Component Lib.

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ASCL shall provide Ada 95 components to ease the developement of applications wirtten in Ada 95.This will be done by collecting freely available components and to integrate them into a single Ada 95 library.



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Directl-p - DirecTL+: String transduction model

DirecTL+ : String transduction modelDirecTL+ is an online discriminative training model for string transduction problems. More specifically, it has been applied to name transliteration and grapheme-to-phoneme conversion tasks. Please see the list of known publications that utilized the DirecTL+. In short, the model is trained with the Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm (MIRA) or known as the PA-I algorithm with the phrasal decoders (exact and Beam ones) in an online training framework. DirecTL+ is


a simple commands language