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ASCIIMathML.js: a JavaScript to convert ASCII math notation (and some LaTeX) to Presentation MathML while your webpage loads. Now also simple graphs are translates to SVG. Works with Firefox 2.0+ or with Internet Explorer 6/7+MathPlayer+Adobe SVGview.



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Modifiedasciimathml - Modified ASCII MathML

Modified ASCII MathML from

Axiom-architectures - Presentations and Open Source for Scala, Grails and Architecture

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This program converts calculator-style ASCII math notation (the same that ASCIIMathML uses) to Spanish Braille mathematics notation (not Nemeth Code).

Astex-math-on-web - An ascii and tex-like app for displaying mathematics on the web.

ASTEX is a JavaScript application which allows content creators the ability to display mathematics on the web. With Astex, you can display mathematical markup, draw 2D graphs and 3D surfaces, use syntax highlighting for computer code, create an online quiz, and create an entire web-based document. Get all you need from the download or go directly to the only file you need by clicking here. See the documentation on a full page by clicking here, or browse it inside the gadget below:


blat(mat) is a Braille to print translator for maths. It takes a Spanish Six-dot Mathematical Braille (not Nemeth Code) text and converts it to an HTML file ready to be translated into XHTML+MathML by ASCIIMathML (javascript).

Firebug-extras-mathml - MathML extras for Firebug

MathML extras for Firebug: - Using ASCIIMathML to generate and insert new MathML nodes in a document.

Mathml-gadget - ASCIIMathML gadget for using in the project wiki pages

OverviewThese gadgets use ASCIIMathML to render formulae in the wiki pages of the projects hosted on the Google Code. There is an open Issue 1431 in the project hosting support. Until such a feature is implemented these gadgets are a viable alternative to using images or plain wiki markup. If you need to write formulae in the wiki hosted by Google Code, then star this issue. If you use some gadget from this page then star this issue. The gadgets will work in the same browsers where original ASCI

ASCIIMathML - ASCIIMathML: Translating ASCII math notation to Presentation MathML

ASCIIMathML: Translating ASCII math notation to Presentation MathML

asciisvg-f - ASCIIMathML SVG code (or ASCIIsvg), with foreignObject support added

ASCIIMathML SVG code (or ASCIIsvg), with foreignObject support added