ASCII To Binary Converter

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A simple ASCII to Binary or Binary to ASCII converter written in C#



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100Projects - 100 Projects to be completed, for me its in Python

**Mp3 Tagger** – Modify and add ID3v1 tags to MP3 files. See if you can also add in the album art into the MP3 file’s header as well as other ID3v2 tags.**Log File Maker** – Make an application which logs various statistics in response to given events. This can be something that logs what an application does, what the system is doing, when something like a file changes etc.**Excel Spreadsheet Exporter** – Create an online application which can read in a file and create an Excel Spreadshe

ITSP Event Receiver Config Utility

This SharePoint utility allows a SharePoint Admin to easily manage list and content type event receivers. The utility allows event receivers to be added/removed and listed for list and content type event receivers. The utility was created after trying other solutions which...

E4D CRM 2011 Ribbon Utility

E4D CRM 2011 Ribbon Utility helps you speed Dynamics CRM 2011 Ribbon customization. Ribbon customization tasks can be exhausting, as it require many iterations, mouse clicks and input. This utility does the heavy lifting for you: it will zip, upload and publish automatically!

azure-c-shared-utility - Azure C SDKs common code

azure-c-shared-utility which is a C library provising common functionality for basic tasks (like string, list manipulation, IO, etc.). azure-c-shared-utility is available here:

AndroidUtils - Some utility views, utility classes, fragments and Activities for Android projects

Some utility views, utility classes, fragments and Activities for Android projects

robotlegs-utilities-Loadup - Loadup utility based on the popular PureMVC utility of the same name

Loadup utility based on the popular PureMVC utility of the same name

EGPack - EGPack is an archive utility, similar to the TAR utility.

EGPack is an archive utility, similar to the TAR utility.

Next Utility

Next Utility is a simple graphical network utility written in Python. It provides a lightweight RFC-compliant WHOIS client, as well as a simple header analysis tool useful to find out what web server powers a given website.

DANNU Database Neural Network Utility

DANNU - Database Artificial Neural Network Utility. A C#/.NET utility implementing the quot;NeuroBoxquot; library which allows the user to import data from a database and train a network with it. A fully featured NN utlitility is envisioned.

Simple file encryption utility

The CRY utility provides the ability to perform AES-256 symmetric key encryption of files. This is a light weight Linux utility and does not depend on PKI infrastructure. Rather, pre-shared encryption keys are used to protect your files.

SharePoint Utility

In nutshell, this utility project provides most commonly used functionalists across different SharePoint projects such as logger, web part utility functions.

CRM 2011 Maintenance Job Editor

This utility is to be used for editing the CRM 2011 maintenance jobs which are automatically scheduled by the installation of CRM (examples include: reindexing job, workflow cleanup job, etc). This utility provides similar functionality to CRM 4.0's Scale Group Job Editor [ht...

.NET Utility Library

DotNetUtility is a .Net utility project which contains extension methods of different types, utility methods for example, configuration reader to read configuration file, Generic design pattern and Parser to parse different types. The project has been divided into different se...

Date Calculator

Date Calculator is a small desktop utility developed using Windows Forms .NET technology. This utility is analogous to the "Date calculation" module in Windows 7 Calculator. This utility can be used for numerous date related calculations like calculating age or work experience.


An XML data binder for C#, this utility creates C# classes used for strongly typed access to XML data, given an XML schema as input. This utility is similar in purpose to .NET's built-in xsd.exe utility, but considerably more powerful.

Craig's Utility Library

Craig's Utility Library contains various utility classes used in both web and desktop programming. The library contains classes to handle tasks such as encryption, compression, Microformats, serialization, dealing with Exchange, Active Directory, Twitter, Netflix, threads, etc.

Standalone Windows .EXE command line utility for Amazon S3 & EC2

A Windows command-line utility for Amazon's S3 & EC2 web services that requires no installation, is a single .EXE file with no DLLs, and requires only .NET 2.0 or Mono, so will work on a plain vanilla Windows 2003 installation.

Download SVN (and GIT)

Simple utility which enables downloading Subversion (SVN) & GIT repositories. The utility is useful if you don't have SVN/GIT client, but you still want to download code from SVN & GIT repositories such as SourceForge, Google code or Simple stand-alone EXE utility

Bulk Rename

Bulk Rename Utility is a simple utility which allows you to rename multiple files and folders, based upon flexible criteria. For example, you can add a prefix or suffix to a file, or you can change of the file name.

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a package of utilities for the administrator\developer\deployer of sharepoint. Originaly each tool was written to quickly solve a specific problem in a sharepoint deployment project, it can now be viewed as a code sample for sharepoint coding on...