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A comprehensive asset management system designed for use by IT professionals as a way to track server and network computing devices. It is NOT intended to track desktop, laptop, or other quot;end userquot; workstation class equipment.



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Ascent-phpstats - PHP version of simple stats page for Ascent emu

Welcome to the Ascent Php Web-page project. Main idea of project is to minimize stats traffic. Later i'll post all features to this page;)

Codenameorgasm - Codename ORGASM

Online Realtime Graphical Ascent Server Manager Written in PHP, created by the best! ORGASM Allows ascent server creators and admins to login and in Realtime Manage their Ascent Server with a nice Graphical and Online interface! IRC: server: channel: #orgasm Project Owners: Nick, Ryans


Ascent is comprehensive, integrated school administration software package.

Black-scripts -

Hier findet Ihr Scripts und Addons in diversen Scriptsprachen wie zB lua und c++. Weiters findet Ihr in unserem Forum neues und Nützliches zu den Themen Ascent und Mangos. Besucht unser Forum, um euch Scripts zu organisieren, selber Scripts zu posten oder einfach nur zu stöbern.

Openantrix - Reviving Antrix!

The once abandend Antrix core source, shall be revived from patch 2.1.x up to 2.4.3! This is World of Warcraft Server Core software, built for Education and shall continue as an Educational project for myself. Project started from Antrix r. 800 and Ascent r. 841.

Joomgpstracks - joomGPStracks - GPS tracking solution for Joomla

With joomGPStracks you can offer your Joomla 1.5 users a system to show their best routes recorded with a GPS system on your website. Featurescategories system use google maps show elevation and heartrate graph supports gpx, kml and garmin files shows elevation total ascent and descent shows distance rating system commenting system image gallery for each track and more If you wanna see a joomGPStracks in action, take a look on the demo under

N-queens-hillclimb - n-queens board

ocal search algorithms are very efficient in solving n-Queen problems. You are asked to implement the following two algorithms to solve the 12-queen problem: 1) Straight-forward steepest-ascent hill climbing as described in our lecture "local search" page 14. 2) Your choice of one of the following algorithms: simulated annealing search algorithm ("local search" lecture, page 22); the genetic algorithm ("local search" lecture, page 30); or the MIN-CONFLICTS algorithm ("CSP" lecture, page 43). For

Recursive-ascent - YaccConstructor project repository

YaccConstructorYaccConstructor is a modular tool for parser construction and grammars processing. Also it is a framework for research and development of parser generators, compilers compilers and other grammarware for .NET. YaccConstructor mostly implemented in F#. Short name is YC. List of modulesFrontends YARD frontend FsYacc frontend Irony frontend ANTLR frontend Backends Recursive-ascent parser generator for F# GNESCC FParsec printer YARD printer FsYacc printer RNGLR ResearchesYaccConstructo

Netdepy - python network device deployment script

this is a generic script to deploy jobs on any snmp/telnet/ssh enabled device, it can be used for switch/router backup, setting port settings ... what ever you want, you just have to create a valid xml-jobfile for it.