ASAP - Another Slight Atari Player

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ASAP (Another Slight Atari Player) plays and converts 8-bit Atari music (*.sap, *.cmc, *.mpt, *.rmt, *.tmc, ...) on modern computers and mobile devices.



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mmSAP - SAP player for GNU/Linux

mmSAP is SAP (Slight atari player) player based on ASAP library that uses ALSA for audio output and has GTK+ 3.0 based GUI. SAP is a special file format that is used to store POKEY-based Atari XL/XE music. The biggest collection of such music is ASMA


Accounting and billing software, developed using LAZARUS, for Linux, Windows (and Mac OS/X asap). Local executable, quick and easy to install. Can create and use local or remote MySql or PostgreSql databases. English and French translations. Ready to be translated by non IT specialists, using a translation module included.

Jdg - Provide Java simple apis, and provide the solution who to build a project asap

Provide Java simple apis, and provide the solution who to build a project asap

Osgi-asap - Making OSGi as simple as possible, but not simpler

The project promotes the principles of attribute-oriented programming (@OP) for developing OSGi services. This approach strongly leverages the development of OSGi services while reducing programming mistakes. The ASAP engine consumes the OSGi annotations to produce standard OSGi artifacts during the compilation of the services.

Oriol ASAP



Microsoft ASAP (Aspiring Software Architects Program) Case Study Implementation using the latest .NET 3.0 Technologies and proven Microsoft patterns and practices like Software Factories and Enterprise Library.

Lotbot - Python IRC bot (SL4A compatible)

This project is a simple Python IRC bot. It has a few commands, I plan on adding some more, that I use regularly. I know there are some problems with it right now, but I plan on working on these issues. If you find a problem that is not listed in the Issues tab PLEASE report it. I will fix it asap.

Lotrodata - LoTRO Data - A C# library for

Access the Lord of the Rings data using this dedicated C# .NET 3.5 library. NOTE: The current updates to the feed will likely break the 1.0 code. Updates are being made a fix will be release asap. This will incorporate the changes currently being worked on, making a 1.1 release.

Openidoo - Openid server Openidoo is a php-mysql openid server we wrote from scratch. It supports: openids like multi-domains a MySQL database. We will release asap a beta version with a multidatabases support, and gettext to support translations. You can test it on