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An implementation for ActionScript3 of the famous xMock framework as extension of the flexUnit framework.



Related Projects

asMock: ActionScript Mocking Framework

asMock is a dynamic mocking framework for Flex/Flash (AS3). More information, including news, tutorials and API Documentation can be found at the asMock website:

Easy-gwt-mock - An EasyMock-like Mocking Framework for Google Web Toolkit

Easy GWT Mock Easy GWT Mock is an EasyMock-like mocking framework for Google Web Toolkit which allows the creation of mock objects within GWTTestCase. Feature and syntax-wise it is a lot like EasyMock. However, there are three main differences: Easy GWT Mock focuses on mocking interfaces, class mocking is somewhat limited. You have to create an interface extending MocksControl to specify which types you want to mock. Unlike EasyMock, Easy GWT Mock does not use static methods to record expectatio

Powermock-legacy - PowerMock-Legacy is a retro-fork of PowerMock for Java 1.4

IntroductionEven now in 2011 there are lots of legacy projects that require Java 1.4 (particularly in big conservative business), and most of this projects were not designed with testability in mind, so they tend to use and abuse static (and sometimes final) methods. These methods are not easy to mock with standard tools like mockito. PowerMock is the solution, but it needs Java 1.5 or more. Well, if that sounds familiar to you, here is a solution. PowerMock-Legacy is a fork of PowerMock 1.3 tha


AS3 HTML parser/renderer to replace the simple htmlString support in some elements. The renderer mocks FF3 but each element can be overridden. It currently supports most elements (including img, span, div) and is ~70% accurate with more to come.

mockolate - fake chocolate, mock objects and test spies for AS3

fake chocolate, mock objects and test spies for AS3

Easymock-as - ActionScript port of the EasyMock dynamic Mock Object generator for Java is an ActionScript 2.0 (AS3 to follow) port of Tammo Freese's EasyMock - a dynamic Mock Object generator for Java. For more information on the background of EasyMock, see

Mock-as3 - Mock object library for use with ActionScript 3, Flash, and Flex unit testing

NOTEmock-as3 is no longer actively maintained. MOCKOLATEUse Mockolate for the latest developments in mocks, stubs, and test spies for ActionScript 3. READMECreate flexible mock objects for use when unit testing Flash and Flex projects. Supports method and property mocking with argument constraints, return values, event dispatch, error throwing, and more. mock-as3 provides an expectation based API, allowing the setting of method and property expectations separate to the invocation of mocked metho

Mock4as - Mock Object Library for AS3

Mock4AS is a simple Mock Object Library for ActionScript3. The current version of Mock4AS provides a minimalistic Mock Objects library fulfilling the basic Unit Tests mocking needs. To get started download the latest version of and add it to your project. What is Mock4AS?Mock4as is a simple ActionScript3 library used to verify the interaction between dependent components. How to use Mock4asUsing a Mock4AS for unit testing involves the following steps: Create a mock object class 2 Instant


Port of hamcrest to ActionScript 3, a library of matcher objects (also known as constraints or predicates) allowing 'match' rules to be defined declaratively, to be used in other frameworks. Typical scenarios include testing frameworks, mocking libraries and UI validation rules.

Mockasin - A Mock Object Library for AS3

We are still working on making this library downloadable. For now, see Mock4AS, a simple implementation of a Mock Objects for AS3. IntroductionMockasin is a library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects for given interfaces in AS3. Mock Objects simulate parts of the behavior of dependent components, and are able to check whether they are used as defined. A Component can be tested in isolation by simulating its dependent components with Mock Objects. Mockasin BenefitsSupports refactoring-