Eclipse IDE for ActionScript3

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Eclipse plug-ins for editing, building, and debugging Action Script 3 code as an IDE. Based on the free Adobe Flex SDK 3, uses fcsh to do fast compilation and fdb to do debug. Provide syntax coloring, error/warning markers, code assistance, and more...



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UPDATEThis project will be soon be deleted! For news and updated source go to:!Litr ClassDescriptionWell described here: Changelog Flash AS Versionversion 0.9aDeprecated because of compiler errors in Flash IDE version 0.9.1aDeprecated because bugs in Glow tween, some errors inside Flash IDE, and anoying forgotten trace functions :) version 0.9.2aFixesAll preview bugs. FeaturesStatic Class to create animations an

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4.25.2012 - Installer OverhaulOverhaul of the installer to simplify the install experience. It now checks for the proper installs of python and pywin32 and if not found it will install them. It will select the installed versions of 3dsMax by default, and default to the correct install location. It now patches pywin32 to work with xsi. Removed the installers for Qt-Dev and Classmaker, this drops about 88 megs from the installer size. These installers will be provided separately. Unified the vario