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as3commons aims to bring some well known java.(lang|util).* goodies, like a collection framework, string utilities to actionscript3



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Online-as-logger - Open Source - Online ActionScript Logger for Flex/Flex

View output onlineThe Online AS Logger is a powerful tool for displaying log messages into browser console, web or native application. Most common use tracing outputs from MXML or AS files, but you can also embed AS Logger into HTML page for display outputs using: AS Logger XPanel for FLEX/Flash Mozilla FireFox using FireBug Add-on ThunderBolt AS3 Console Create native application and integrate with AS Logger (for example: Microsoft COM/OCX). The advantages using AS Logger: You do not have limit

Airlogger - A logging tool in AIR

AirLogger is a logging tool for AS3 and Javascript (beta). It allow you to log several file at once, filter logs, search in logs, etc... The AirLogger AS3 client is already available in LowRA or in a stand alone class in the download section. AirLogger works through the AIR runtime. Here is a screenshot of the AirLogger Window : FeaturesAirLogger offers many advantages, compared to other consoles: Possibility to log several messages from several files at the same time. Each file is displayed in

Cqfs - Coffee Quest Five and Six engine

A set of libraries and tools that will be used for the coffee quest five and six games (as well as other games). This will have common code for handling the coffee quest 5 and 6 role-playing engine, a generic tile-based map editor and rendering engine for displaying the map in simulated 3D as well as in 2D automap mode, a branching conversation system, doll-based inventory, and other elements that are necessary to make a role-playing game. Efforts will be made to make sure that the engine can be

Wiztools-commons-lib - Commons library used across projects

What?The Commons Library (part of project) is a rich collection of commonly used convenience classes and data-structures for Java. This is developed and maintained by Subhash Chandran. Dependency<dependency> <groupId>org.wiztools.commons</groupId> <artifactId>wiztools-commons-lib</artifactId> <version>0.3.0</version></dependency>This library does not depend on any external libraries. ExamplesNote: The examples are for bringing to your attention the features of this libr

Tweego - AS3 Tweening Engine based on Go Platform

General informationTweego is an AS3 tweening engine based on the Go ActionScript Animation Platform. It’s one of the first parsers for Go. The syntax is similar to the glorious Fuse. It’s perfect for complex tweens with multiple sequences. At the moment special properties and a documentation is missing. Current version0.5 Syntax examplesThere are various ways to use Tweego, e.g. var t:Tweego = new Tweego;t.push({target: target, x: 100, y: 200, time: 1, ease: Bounce.easeOut});t.push({delay: 2

Prmf - The Programming Mafia Repository

Who are we?ma·fi·a 4. A tightly knit group of trusted associates. (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition) The Programming Mafia lives up to this (sadly alternate) definition by first of all being a close group of friends. Born at the University of Florida, our group has since expanded its geography. What do we do?Primarily we play mafia. On rare occasions we work on programming-related projects, such as: an IRC bot to moderate mafia games an algorithm packe

Javavariant - Java 1.6 variant type

Provides a Java Variant that can accept arbitrary string or string array input and translate into a series of Java type outputs. The goal is to create a single nexus for converting Java Strings into other Native datatypes. The focus of the core library (there may be UI, web, and other domain specific conversion extensions provided in the future) is to focus on the most typical type conversions done on Strings obtained from the command line, System properties, or resource bundles. Documentation :

As3-commons-collections - The AS3 Commons Collections Project provides generic collections APIs whic

The AS3 Commons Collections Project provides common collection APIs which build on the Flash Player API and Flex Framework of components.

As3reflect - ActionScript 3.0 Reflection API

The AS3Reflect library is now part of the AS3Commons project. Please see and for more info, docs and downloads.

Blackboard-cas - CAS-based single sign-on backend for Blackboard

CAS 2.0 Authentication for Blackboardblackboard-cas is a CAS authentication module for Blackboard. It utilizes the CAS 3.1 client library in order to connect to CAS 2.x/3.x servers (using the CAS 2.0 protocol). blackboard-cas is based on CasAuthenticationModule, developed by the University of Bristol. ConfigurationBefore building, you should edit the settings in Settings include: blackboard.home: The path to your Blackboard instance. The path to the JDK us