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The as2lib is an opensource framework targeted to Macromedia Flash MX 2004+ developers. It offers support for almost every problem domain.



Related Projects

J2as3lib - Eclipse/Netbeans code assist for j2as3 integration

Currently, j2as3( allows developers to write code in Java and have it converted to Actionscript3. But there's no code assist in Eclipse/Netbeans for Actionscript-facing java code. These libraries are a collection of empty documented classes to provide code assistance in Eclipse for the Actionscript 3 API. Away3DLite and other APIs are in the works as well.

Open-fidias - The Open-Fidias Projects.

All Open-Fidias Projects, and its open-source codes.We are working on, now: Wakeful - a simple framework to handle a single database connection. Joint - a little lib that make some convertions, such as: Finnance convertions. Date Convertions. And more... ods2sql - convert an ods xml file into a sql file.

Activeauthentication - A modified version of acts_as_authenticated that authenticates against active

OverviewActive Authentication is a modified version of acts_as_authentication designed to authenticate users against Active Directory and automatically adds them to the database. InstallationInstallation is similar to acts_as_authenticated, first you install the plugin: ./script/plugin install generate your model and migrate the database: ./script/generate authenticated user accountrake db:migrateNow include the authen

Flexcn4 - Flex & AS3 & Flash & PHP

下�是�常有用的类库,找到他们的时候我兴奋的�得了 APIs�Libs�Components 1�as3ebaylib 2�as3youtubelib 3�as3flickrlib 4�Yahoo ASTRA Flash Components 5�facebook-as3 6�as3awss3lib 7�Adobe ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libr

AS2Secure - AS2 Php Lib

AS2Secure is a PHP Lib to allow you to send and receive AS2 message from partners. Based on OpenSSL, documents are SIGNED and CRYPTED to build SMIME messages ready to be sent over HTTP connection.

Rsession - Java wrapper to R

Rsession: R sessions wrapping for JavaRsession provides an easy to use java class giving access to remote or local R session. The back-end engine is Rserve 0.6, locally spawned automatically if necessary. Rsession differs from Rserve as it is a higher level API, and it includes server side startup of Rserve. Therefore, it is easier to use in some point of vue, as it provides a multi session R engine (including for Windows, thanks to an ugly turn-around). Another alternative is JRI, but it does n

Kopsimo - Command line World of Warcraft addon updater

Kopsimo is a GUI less utility written in (and thus dependent on) Python. It can be fed specific addon names (e.g. ora2 or pit-bull) and can download (as zip files) or install (in your Interface/AddOns directory) corresponding addons. It is also capable of upgrading and removing addons it has itself installed. In order to run kopsimo you will need Python 2.5 ( Kopsimo also comes with an automatic test suite, which needs py.test from the py lib to work.

Codekolib - Biblioteca de funciones y utilidades para java

DescripciónCodekoLib es una biblioteca de funcionalidades varias usadas en diversos proyectos de Codeko. Para que sirve CodekoLibSi bien existen otros proyectos similares que pueden ser más útiles para un desarrollo general como puede ser Apache Lang esta biblioteca contiene utilidades específicas que pueden ser de interés para otros proyectos ya sea para incluir la biblioteca al completo o para simplemente aprovechar los fuentes como code snippets para su proyecto. Resumen del proyectoCode

Xssterminate - xss_terminate is a Rails plugin that automatically removes XSS from models when they

xss_terminatexss_terminate is a plugin in that makes stripping and sanitizing HTML stupid-simple. Install and forget. And forget about forgetting to h() your output, because you won‘t need to anymore. But xss_terminate is also flexible. By default, it will strip all HTML tags from user input. This is usually what you want, but sometimes you need users to be able to enter HTML. The plugin allows you remove bad HTML with your choice of two whitelist-based sanitizers, or to skip HTML sanitization

Query-incubator - query-path incubation class

Welcome to the query-path incubation class project on google code! general requirementslicensingdescriptionbasic usageadvance usageClass FunctionsIncubate()asObjectCloneFrom()asObjectFrom()Class ObjectsEventsqueryIncubator::Event FunctionssetEvent()dropEvent()count()Error ReportingDonation general requirementsPHP Version: >5.0 ( recommended ) licensingThis code is open source and orginally create by Matthias Kaschubowski ( me ). If possible credit my work at your projects or webpages. descriptio