MathematicsWorks 2005 | Mathematician 3b

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A Powerful tool that supports differentiation,plotting 2d and 3d graphs(cartesian,spherical polar),number theoretic commands like probabilistic primality and factoring,permutation,partition , and fraction-recurring decimal conversion !lt;check screenshotsgt;



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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a tool for Ultima Online Gamemasters, primarily on RunUO-Freeshards. It includes a roof builder, travel manager and a lot of other wizards and functions. It was developed by Arya who released the sourcecode of Version 2 Beta 5. There were some additional c...

Dialognpc - Custom NPC that can be used for quests in RunUO

from Arya... All the UO code I wrote is now public, and you may use it however you wish. If you do however I suggest you review it carefully to make sure it does exactly what you want, and how you want it.

Pandorasbox3 - Ultima Online Utility

Pandora's Box it's an Ultima Online utility for building and administrate shards created by Arya. Pandora's Box 3 will have support for the new Ultima Online expansion, Mondain's Legacy, and will be compiled with 3.5 Net Framework. We also try to improve the code to have better stability and performance. Status = Release 4. Release = Update: Now you need at least the 3.5 framework due to some code improvements. News: I think soon i'll start to code again for Pandora's Box, too much time

Runuo-nerun-distro - Spawns files for RunUO emulator.

ENGLISH: Nerun's Distro is a distribution for RunUO 2.2 centered on the settlement of the game, using the Premium Spawner engine. Easy to use, this distro includes spawns for a 100% spawned world, and tutorials in english and portuguese. Tested with client Includes too (see bellow): PORTUGUÊS: Nerun's Distro é uma distribuição para RunUO 2.2, centrada no povoamento do jogo, usando a engine Premium Spawner. Fácil de usar, esta distribuição inclui spawns para um mundo 100% povoado

aryaapp - arya's first app

arya's first app

SlaCalculation - Project Mentor Anirudh Arya

Project Mentor Anirudh Arya

arya - Stats for programmers

Stats for programmers

Arya - Mongodb Power web search index

Mongodb Power web search index


A Rack handler to update the proctitle of rack processe with helpful information