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The Augmented Reality Tool Kit (ARToolKit) captures images from video sources, optically tracks markers in the images, and composites them with computer-generated content using OpenGL. Dual-licensed, under the GPL, plus commercially by ARToolworks, Inc.



Related Projects

SLARToolkit - Silverlight and Windows Phone Augmented Reality Toolkit

SLARToolkit is a flexible Augmented Reality library for Silverlight and Windows Phone with the aim to make real time Augmented Reality applications with Silverlight as easy and fast as possible. SLARToolkit is based on the established NyARToolkit and ARToolkit.

Armonkeyengine - Framework de Realidad Aumentada usando ARToolkitPlus y jMonkeyEngine

Este proyecto provee un Framework para el desarrollo de aplicaciones con Realidad Aumentada usando Java. Este framework hace uso de ARToolkitPlus para el tracking de marcadores por ID y templates y uso del motor gráfico jMonkeyEngine 2.0 para el render. (Pronto jME3)


AR(Augmented reality) framework for iOS, based on a visual code like ARToolKit

Filippo - Augmented Reality Drawing Application

This application uses augmented reality to make it easier for people to draw a picture. All you need is a computer, a webcam and a printed marker. You place the marker at the corner of the canvas or paper you want to draw on, upload the picture you want to draw, then look through the webcam using the transparent picture as a guide to drawing. The name Filippo comes from Filippo Brunellschi who designed the dome of Florence's famous cathedral. It was Brunellschi who invented linear perspective us

Matereal - A Java/Processing toolkit that makes your software intimate with the real world.

"matereal" is a Java toolkit that allows to prototype interactive robot applications. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and hopefully on Linux(not tested). This project contains three sub-projects, "capture", "connector" and "napkit". "capture" is a cross-platform library that uses DirectShow on Windows, QuickTime on Mac OSX and Java Media Framework on Linux to capture images with webcams. This library can be used independently without "matereal". "connector" is a simple wrapper package of, R

Ofxar - Openframeworks ARToolkitPlus Addon

Building on existing Openframeworks-ARToolkitPlus work, this aims to provide a simple wrapper for OF.


A complete iPhone app doing some virtual reality. This app uses ARToolKit plus to detect markers on the video frames and then overlays 3D objects following the movements of this marker. The code is released under GPL.

Simple-artoolkit-processing - A simple ARToolKit for Processing

The project based on the Java implementation jARToolKit of the ARToolKit and ports it in the Processing environment as a library.

Armodel - Suite of AR tools for 3D modeling

C++/Python system ARToolkit 3D modeling Bezier surfaces