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Binary Repository Manager for Maven, Ivy, Gradle modules, etc. Supports hosting and remote proxying of artifacts - browsable, secure, annotated amp; searchable. Integrates with CI servers, like Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo, for fully traceable builds.



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Javabuildserver - Java Build Server

IntroductionMost Java Open Source projects use a standard set of tools to manage the project. This script aims to make the initial setup of your project environment easier. DetailsThis script lets you install a few things: Java - which is very important if you want to use this script to achieve something. Apache 2 - a web server since most tools we install are web based. Tomcat - a Java web Server, to run Java based webapps Build Tools Maven 2 Ant Continuous Integration Servers - These are some

JFrog - Artifact Repository Manager

JFrog is an universal Artifact Repository Manager on the market, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. As a local proxy to the outside world, Artifactory guarantees consistent access to the components needed by your build tools. Remote artifacts are cached locally for reuse, so that you don’t have to download them over and over again. Automate all aspects of artifact management using a powerful REST API.

Softaria-spaghetti-killer - Maven plugin for controlling project architecture

Spaghetti-killer is a maven plugin intended to get sure project architecture is not broken. In other word it prevents so called "spaghetti code" Though there are a lot of products to control inter-layer dependencies, this plugin has following 2 advantages: 1) You may easily define architectural layers by yourself, using logical operations (and,or,not) and predefined "probes" like "if class implements interface", "if class name contains substring", "if class is annotated with", "if class extends

Webby-java - A little Web toolkit for Java

(shortcut: see QuickStart to go straight to examples) OverviewWebby is a little Web toolkit for Java. Webby's goal is to enable you to build clean Web apps with minimal fuss. It emphasizes a Web-friendly API, a Rails-ish dispatch framework enabling pretty URLs, and Java-based configuration. Webby is integrated with Jetty (a nice, fast Web server written in Java) and FreeMarker (a simple, generic template language), but also works with traditional Java webapps and servlet containers, such as Tomc

Myirm - A convenient web-based ivy repository management tool

For Maven repository, we've got Nexus, Artifactory, both are excellent software. It's a pity that at the time I'm investigating which one to choose to setup a LAN Ivy repository, they're all under commercial licenses. I'm quite clear about our requirements, so I feel like I could write such a tool on my own, and hence I did. Of course it's not as mature, as robust , as powerful as the commercial one does, but it fits our needs. I think contribute it to open source community would make it more he

Mavenversionedsnapshots - Versions of maven SNAPSHOT artifacts (e.g. plugins) with a RELEASE version

Maven 2 is a very useful tool, which relies on a number of plugins in order to work. When you want to perform a 'release', you cannot rely on 'SNAPSHOT' dependencies to ensure that the build is recreatable. Unfortunately, many of these plugins have very slow (> 6 months) release cycles. Sometimes you Just Don't Care about the maintainers' idea of 'releaseable', and you just want the SNAPSHOT to be fixed so you can perform your release. This is particularly apparent on Agile projects that want to

Common-jpa - Some stuff to make the usage of jpa more convenient

The JPA EntityManager is very powerful and for small projects it could be a replacemnt for a generic DAO. But most (CRUD) applications consists to 80% of simple queries like "give me the User with username X and all it's addresses". Or "give me all Users ordered by 'whatever'. In these simple cases it's better to create a generic query with parameters for restrictions, orders and fetches as instead of creating a query for every use case. In some cases e.g. a generic ui filter it's hardly possibl

puppet-artifactory - Puppet module for managing Artifactory

Puppet module for managing Artifactory

puppet-artifactory - Basic Puppet module for Artifactory

Basic Puppet module for Artifactory