art0 (artistical world simulation)

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Be art0. Artists, muses, critics, publishers and friends, all mixed together. Talk with them, watch them talking, creating, moving, making friends.



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MG4J - Managing Gigabytes for Java

MG4J (Managing Gigabytes for Java) is a free full-text search engine for large document collections written in Java. MG4J is a highly customisable, high-performance, full-fledged search engine providing state-of-the-art features (such as BM25/BM25F scoring) and new research algorithms. The main points of MG4J are Powerful indexing, Multi-index interval semantics, Virtual fields, Clustering and lot more.

Cerebrum - Electronic Health Record

Cerebrum intends to be a state of the art web 2.0 Electronic health record management solution.

Adaptive-spaces - Location-aware audio recording and playback

Adaptive Spaces is a software art project aimed at urban explorers and walkers. v0.1 launched on 30th Sept 2007.

Mwglb - making web games like a boss

/\\ /\\ / ;\\~''. +------------------+ ( / ) / \\ | OMG a project | /~/ /#\\ '. +----\\ /-----------+ /__| "~" /~\\/~] '/~~'\\ \\@ @ /_____\\ ;-.,_,/ .--------------------------------------. ' /~~~~| -.___/ | MWGLB - Making web games like a boss | /____.--. \\-. '--------------------------------------' '/~~~| \\ \\| Code: /____| \\ Art : Shelia (aka "Melody") ' ,,! / \\ \\;\\ /~ ' / ~ / ' \\___/ @ } \\ , Internet. Serious Business.

Vlc-libcad - CD Art Display/Rainmeter interface plugin for VLC

libcad adds support for the CAD interface to VLC media player (version 2.0.x required). The CAD interface is used by Rainmeter and CD Art Display. DownloadThe plugin is available for download from here. InstructionsView the installations instructions here.

Iait - Add album art to songs in your iTunes library

For: Windows version of iTunes Requires: .NET framework 2.0 iTunes songs that need album art! Tag album art into your itunes library automatically using Amazon's huge database of album covers. This little tool will search your iTunes library (or any playlist you want) for songs that need album covers tagged into them, find those album covers on, and add them to your song. Pretty simple and useful! Get .NET 2.0 from:

Sfbayareaopendata - San Francisco BayArea OpenData

Architect & create sustainable high ROI standards, applications & analytics in Open Data, Open Gov data & Transparency. Evangelism for state of the art open source and social entrepreneurial software engineered applications that demonstrate the value added and citizen engagement of open data and open Gov / Gov2.0 data sources and mashups. Community-friendly Apache License 2.0 when for non-commercial use.

Pyscumm - Python module for dev SCUMM likes adventures

PySCUMM is a module package to develop graphical adventures similar to the made with SCUMM 8.1.0, with this version LucasArts produced games titles like 'The Curse of Monkey Island'. PySCUMM use PyGame framework (SDL). PySCUMM is multiplatform, simple and rapid! ;-) ¡¡¡IMPORTANT!!! Not finnished/Not developed! Try AGS linux support or FlashScumm. Sorry. To be continued...

Daremusicfixer - Formats mp3 files correctly for the LG Dare on Verizon Wireless

AboutThe LG Dare's music player is very picky about ID3 tags on mp3s. Complicated ID3 tags confuse the Dare and cause album art to not show up. This program scans all mp3s in a folder and will properly format the ID3 tags so that album art is displayed on the Dare. If album art isn't present, the program automatically attempts to retrieve it from amazon, seamless to the user. Also, tracks of an album on the Dare are listed in alphabetical order which contradicts what most people are used to when