The next genaration Arpspoof

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Upgrade open-source arpspoof to support IPv6 and platform independent



Related Projects

Borogove - Facebook chat sniffer

DescriptionBorogove is a python script for sniff Facebook chat traffic over the network. It uses the pypcap module and supports Man-In-The-Middle ARP poisoning attacks. Latest version Requirements Python 2.x arpspoof (dsniff suite) dpkt pypcap InstallationUbuntusudo apt-get install python-dpkt python-pypcap dsniffArchLinuxpacman -Sy dsniffinstall AUR packages: dpkt-svn pypcap-svn

Arpprotect - ARP Protect from ARP spoofing

ARPProtect protects ARP spoofing(ARP poisoinig) attack from other host.

Tequilan - ARP poisoning on the LAN

It is a tool created by libnet and libpcap, it generates a DoS on the LAN using ARP Poison. Each ARP-REQUEST request that reaches the NIC and not have your IP address responds with an ARP-REPLY to the IP and MAC Requested Random. This as most already know and have experienced with tools like nemesis, arpspoof among others, we can generate a DoS or if we can create a redirector take advantage of traffic to our NIC but these already exist and do not want to reinvent it.

N1mda-dev - Development SVN for n1mda

My collection of software / code / applications written for lunix, Windows and iPhone. Current projects:iPhonePirni - Worlds first native iPhone ARP spoofer and network sniffer IMD - iPhone Music Daemon. A rewrite of the popular MPD for the iPhone (in the making) GPS Daemon - A WORKING gps daemon for the iphone. Also works when iPhone is in sleep mode. LinuxWindows

Droidsheep - DroidSheep is an Android tool for simple session hijacking

GeneralDroidSheep is a simple Android tool for web session hijacking (sidejacking). It listens for HTTP packets sent via a wireless (802.11) network connection and extracts the session id from these packets in order to reuse them. DroidSheep can capture sessions using the libpcap library and supports: OPEN Networks WEP encrypted networks WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks (PSK only) DroidSheep is not intended to steal identities or endamage anybody, but to show the weak security of non-ssl webservi

intercept - arpspoofing and info interception tool

arpspoofing and info interception tool

arp-spoof - Minimal ARP-Spoofing tool written in Rust

Minimal ARP-Spoofing tool written in Rust

Yang-li-spaghetti-hacks-archive - Misc Hacks Archive

Here are some of Yang’s latest spaghetti hacks. Nothing is really new indeed. Feel free to reuse/recycle at your wish. Happy new year J Index\tScript Name\tFunction Description\tVersion\tYear 1\ - Batch Cisco Audit Tool. A driver script version 0.1. Batch script to drive CIS Router Audit Tool (RAT) on multiple Cisco devices in one shot. This batch script depends on 'RAT' audit tool and audit s file. Audit rule file 'cisco-pix/local.conf' - could be created by 'ncat_config' comma