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Related Projects

ArnoldC - Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language

Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language

Hawkengine - Cross platform build system

Hawkengine provides a common set of utilities facilitating deployment of C/C++ programs on many desktop and mobile platforms with no code changes. Platforms supported: iOS WebOS Qt (Meego, S^3, Windows, OSX, Linux, etc) Glut SDL Android Python Java (via JNI) etc Applications using Hawkengine include: Deskletics Blockhawk Exqueezeme Settledown Contractulator Soundboards (Arnold, Herbert, Peter)

Pa-na-bb - projekt név

A BME "Beágyazott és Információs rendszerek" M.Sc. szakirányon 2010 tavaszán a Szoftvertechnológia tárgyból - Brosch Balázs, Németh Attila, Pető Arnold - közös házi feladata. Ezen google projekt a verziókövetést szolgálja.

Mickeya-svn - SVN Repository for Mickey Arnold

SVN Repository for Mickey Arnold using Apache License 2.0

Advandb-repository - The Official Repository of ADVANDB (1st Term SY2011-2012)

Welcome to the ADVANDB Repository!Main Team (in alphabetical order): Choa, Archie Choa, Arnold Ng, Anson See, Kevin Contributors (in alphabetical order): Bonon, Michael Cua, Edmund Puada, Nico Wiki pages (such as changelogs/how-tos) can be found at: Downloads (apps, libs, etc.) can be found at: ApplicationsSHIFT (Python)Wiki page coming soon. It generates a market-basket analysis table i

Dcsa-android - Android Development Project

Initial Android development project for Stan Arnold and Dan Cruz

Perl-appengine - This project is to get Perl implemented as a supported language on Google App Engin

GoalsThe goal of the Perl-AppEngine project is to get Perl implemented on Google App Engine Get InvolvedAnyone who is interested in following the discussion should sign up on the mailing lists. Please sign up on the Perl-AppEngine mailing list Please also sign up on the more general Cloud Perl mailing list, regarding anything having to do with Cloud Computing in Perl. Start discussing your ideas of how to move this project forward. Ideas can be floated on the mailing list. However, to make meani

Modular-js - modular.js is a light library that allows easier management of modules for very large J

MotivationThe primary motivation of this library is managing maintainable modules for very large Javascript projects. It provides another alternative for creating namespaces in Javascript that are easy to glance. IntroductionMost Javascript libraries are composed of few hundred lines of source code that could be contained within a namespace defined in a single file. This is a common skeleton for creating your own namespace: var Company = {}; // Create a namespace Company.MyPackage = {}; // Creat

Edlut - Computer application for simulating networks of spiking neurons

New version of EDLUT (v1.0) released!!!Major changes: Simulation of Time-driven cell models and hybrid (time & event-driven) networks. Implementation of Spike Time-Dependent Plasticity (STDP). Compilable as a Matlab MEX function or Simulink S-function module. Leaky-Integrate and Fire (LIF) and Spike-Response Models (SRM) implemented as time-driven cell models. Lots of minor bugs fixed. Get the last version of EDLUT (EDLUTKernel1.0 rev. 1) now: We encourage all researchers interested in using EDL