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ARM9Core is an emulator of the ARM9 architecture for the x86 Win32 platform. It can be used as a library and integrated into a bigger application. It also provides support to the different ARM execution modes and exceptions.



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FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel (RTOS)

Market leading real time kernel for 32 microcontroller architectures

Pyrit - WPA/WPA2-PSK and a world of affordable many-core platforms

Pyrit allows to create massive databases, pre-computing part of the IEEE 802.11 WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication phase in a space-time-tradeoff. Exploiting the computational power of Many-Core- and other platforms through ATI-Stream, Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL, it is currently by far the most powerful attack against one of the world's most used security-protocols. WPA/WPA2-PSK is a subset of IEEE 802.11 WPA/WPA2 that skips the complex task of key distribution and client authentication by assigning every

Boincmobile - Porting BOINC to cell phone architectures and operating systems

BOINC Mobile - Project siteBuilding BOINC and SETI to ARMCross Compiling using Scratchbox Cross Compiling BOINC with Scratchbox Building on the ARM target Using oprofile to collect performance event dataOprofile on the ARM Cortex-A8 Oprofile on the ARM Cortex-A9 Oprofile on the Intel Atom Oprofile on the Intel Core i3 (Nehalem)

Libjit-linear-scan-register-allocator - Libjit is probably the best free tool for realization of a q

The Libjit library provides a standard means for just-in-time compilation and quick compilation. Libjit, unlike many libraries and tools (such as VCode, NanoJIT, GNU lightning, GCC, and LLVM), provides a faster compilation time, is much more friendly for programmers, and is compatible with POSIX. Libjit is a more reliable means of compilation, and support is easier. In addition, all its source code and the high level interface have been well thought out and described in documentation. Libjit is

Embedded-software-labs - Embedded Software Labs

Embedded Software labs (ESL) a Research and Product Development Organization, with Well Experienced Embedded Technology Experts. ESL enables researchers, potential end-users and interested professionals to trial some of the new Embedded Technologies,Our Team has developed a range of realistic applications. An Organization which meets the requirements of Industry by giving Business Solutions for Embedded Technology based Products. Embedded Software Labs helps accelerate the development of Embedde

Omapterisk - Asterisk Distribution for TI's OMAP

Core of This Project is make an optimized Asterisk distribution for ARM / OMAP.Project Goal is to make Low power & Low Cost IP PBX that could be run over time Consuming least energy. The Current Distribution is based around Ubuntu Jaunty(9.04)& Doesn't Uses DSP Bridge .As Project Proceeds aim is to Port DSP Bridge Driver and use DSP for Transcoding of Codec,which could involve changing Asterisk Code.Currently Hardware is open hardware Hawkboard( to release distribution for Be

Squeakvm-tablet - Port of the Squeak Smalltalk VM to Android targeting tablet devices

This is a fork of the squeak-android-vm project targeting tablet devices, that is, taking advantage of larger screen, memory, and storage than a mobile phone may provide. As of April 2011, the project has reached its first milestone: to provide public packages for easy experimentation. Download the application and the zipped Squeak image, and take the TestDrive. As of August 12, 2011, Android port of Stack Cog VM (CogDroid) was compiled and tested with a recent PharoCore image. See the CogNotes

Google-summer-of-code-2008-bzflag - Code samples from students working with BZFlag for Google Summer

BZFlag is a free online multiplayer cross-platform open source 3D tank battle game that is maintained by an active community of individuals distributed all around the world.. It is one of the most successful and sustained cross-platform open source games ever with an active developer, administrative, and player community. There have been more than a million downloads in the last five years alone and our user base presently consists of more than 200 players online at any time of day or night. The

Rabbitct - RabbitCT is a benchmark for performance-comparison of backprojection implementations.

RabbitCT provides an open platform for worldwide performance-comparison of backprojection implementations on different architectures using one specific, clinical, high resolution C-arm CT dataset of a rabbit. This includes a sophisticated benchmark interface, a prototype implementation in C++, and image quality measures. This space for the project is quite new, so until we added more information here please visit the RabbitCT website: Find out more about RabbitCT. Rabbit

Pedigree - Hobby Operating System

Note: Pedigree has now migrated to is a hobby operating system, primarily written and designed by James Molloy (JamesM) and Joerg Pfahler (Joerg). The objectives of Pedigree are currently fluid, as the project was started not long ago in January 2008. We are bringing up several back ends in parallel which is making our progress noticeably slower, however we feel that stretching our abstractions and designs at an early stage will mould them and improve them be