Arusha Project

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The Arusha Project seeks to provide a framework and/or tools for collaborative system administration of multi-platform Unix sites with many dozens of machines.



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The Ark

The Ark is a single player, fantasy based 3D RPG.

Arkmodel2d - modelling of ARK scanner

We want to model ARK scanner of army...

Wamm - West-Ark Membership Management

Application to maintain contact information and track partcipation in various West-Ark events.


ArkCORE is a World of Warcraft game server application. It is derived from TrinityCore, the Massive Network Game Object Server, and is based on the code of that project. Supported Client 4.0.6

Uniaarhus - dSoftArk E07 Exercises and projects

The sourcecode of the mandatory project of dSoftArk 2007 by group: Troels Bak Andersen, Mads Fabricious and Rasmus Roege.

Dsoftark-e07-gr7 - dSoftArk E07, group 7

Software Arkitektur, Ã…rhus Universitet, Daimi, gruppe 7

Noidman - Web application for managing persistent identifiers

Noidman encompasses a few different projects: Noid.rb -- Noid.rb is a Ruby library for the Noid ARK software Noidman -- an ARK identifier management web application written in Ruby on Rails Arkham -- a cleaner, faster, and more robust refactoring of Noidman, including full REST web service interface ArkhamFuture -- a fully-implemented version of the ARK spec, based upon Arkham The Noidman projects are Ruby- and Rails-based libraries and web applications for creating, managing, validating, and re

ark-tweet-nlp - CMU ARK Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagger

CMU ARK Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagger

Arkpythonoid - jogo arkanoid escrito em liguagem python

um jogo simples estilo arkanoid o codigo escrito em python foi feito, tomando por base o codigo disponivel no site do curso á distancia ufcg 2010.2 situado em : Como jogar: descompactar o arquivo no diretorio de sua preferencia. no windows, duplo clic no arquivo , no linux, entre no prompt, abra o diretorio onde esta o arquivo e o execute com o comando: python no menu, seleci