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A runtime inspection/scripting environment. Smalltalk-like Swing GUI for scripting engines and object inspection. Works on remote containers (EJB/Servlets) and of course locally. General BSF supported, comes with the Lisp-syntaxed language piji.



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Pontos-packer - A nice little packer.

A neat little packer based on Huffman compression. Arised from a university project.

Codex-rts - RTS by redDot Productions

Codex is a RTS future styled set with 3 separate factions waging war over beliefs Until a new threat arises called "Sin"

Websiteformater - Web Site Formater. Open Source utility for create and management web site content

Web Site Formater is Open Source project created for simplify web site management. We manage with WebSiteFormater. With Web Site Formater you have advanced page management and history on main page. Web Site Formater is good tool when you need to create portal with different web site parts. Web site : Download :

Cure-website-2009 - Developing a website for use by C.U.R.E., a Nonprofit Organization for Disaster

C.U.R.E. (Compassionate Utilization of Resources) is a Nonprofit Organization for Disaster Relief based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. C.U.R.E. takes in and distributes goods all over the world, where ever the need arises, from the Middle East, to its own back yard in Arkansas.

Mobgateway - adding features to mobile

To display the area when the call from the land line arise to the mobile.

Pyttgen - Generates truth table for logical expression

Pyttgen is a python program for generating truth tables from logical expressions. For more details please visit or view source. NewsAdded pyttgen executable version for windows. If error arise install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) pyttgen v 1.0 released. Contact

Superglue - Lightweight PHP Micro-framework

Superglue is a lightweight php framework targeted towards predominately static sites that may require some dynamic functionality. Developing a purely static site is as easy as coding your template files and dropping them in the templates directory. Superglue integrates the Twig templating language, making templating a snap. When the need arises, Superglue provides a simple routing and MVC layer that allows developers to easily integrate dynamic functionality. Many of the concepts for Superglue w

Jscorm - JSCORM is a Java implementation to support the use of the SCORM pattern under any Java appl

JSCORM aims to create an easy to use layer for generating educational contents under the SCORM pattern under Java platform. JSCORM is designed to be pluggable to your application, so that you can make it work with just a small set of configurations at your application. While developing LMS (Learning Management Systems) which aims to generate portable contents, one of the main difficulties that arises at the development moment is how to handle the SCORM pattern and all of its subtleties. And JSCO

Serene - Implementation of the JAXP 1.3 Validation Framework API for RELAX NG

Serene Project The purpose of this project is to create an open source validation engine that implements the JAXP 1.3 Validation Framework API for RELAX NG based on an algorithm centered on providing good messages and having a clear handling of ambiguity and conflicts. Development StatusWork in progress, for limitations, features and more see Wiki Pages. Getting InvolvedPlease feel welcome to report any issues that might arise, or even contribute source code. All participation will be highly app

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