Another Roguelike In Development

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Alpha roguelike game development framework.



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Aridpojos - Framework for simplifying POJO application development

Arid POJOs is a framework for simplifying POJO application development. Automatic Spring Bean GenerationArid POJOs provides a custom Spring/XML namespace that scans a package hierarchy and generate bean definitions for the classes or interfaces that it finds. The classes and interfaces can be filtered by an AspectJ type pattern, which supports various criteria including name matching, annotations, and subtypes. The generated beans use autowiring. Here is a simple example. <beans>... <arid:define

Guesstimators - How dry indoor air can be during winter

We wonder why the air inside being so dry once the heat is turned on in the winter. Even when it has been raining for days, the indoor humidity is still arid. This simple Android app will estimate the indoor relative humidity assuming the air indoors has the same moisture content as the air outside (we do open the windows a little for ventilation).

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ARID is PHP Framework with Servlet interface

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Terradime Modular, LLC (“Terradime�), a Pittsburgh-based green design, development and manufacturing company, and its consultant, the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics (“CBPD�) at Carnegie Mellon University, is designing and developing (for national and international distribution) a cost-effective, green, temporary modular structure (the “Revolution�) for the movie and construction industries (including disaster relief dwellings, schools and mobile office clinics). The

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The Arid Wordpress plugin allows for rapid DRY theme development.


A DRY schema based approach to ORM

arid - Keeping the environment DRY

Keeping the environment DRY

arid - Another Roguelike In Development

Another Roguelike In Development


Fork of arid_cache which defines caching methods once on a class instead of per object, thus preventing "singleton can't be dumped" from memcached!

getaride_hack_ios - "Hack The Hackathon" Hack - iOS App for @GetARideHack

"Hack The Hackathon" Hack - iOS App for @GetARideHack