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A fast and simple json parser and formatter for Java.



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ArgoUML - UML modeling tool

ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It supports Class diagram, Statechart diagram, Activity diagram, Use Case diagram, Collaboration diagram, Deployment diagram and Sequence diagram. The diagram could be exported to GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, PGML and SVG. It generates code for Java, C++, C# and PHP. It also supports reverse engineering, generates code from diagram.

Argo - 58.com轻量级web框架


Argos-hik-integration - IP Camera integration, SPI communicaiton, test commands, SDK

Argos integartes with HIKVISION IPC, then to do video analyze. We'll achieve the same goal together for hard work and goog communication.

Mfoss - Multi Function Open Source Software

ArgosLately, Multi Function Webdesign has decided to move all it's open source efforts to Argos. As a direct result you'll find the new Finance Package, build for invoice and customer managment, right here for download. Change Log Portfolio What do you want in Argos?Leave your opinions here... Latest News 08-12

Tarea3-ing - tarea 3 de sofa

añadir funcionalidad a ArgoUml

Argos II - Systems Monitoring

Argos is a monitoring system that utilizes Windows Workflow Foundation to monitor other systems and applications, and to report any failures in those.

Kuabasubsystem - asdfasdf

This project focus on rationale development, he consists in extend the ArgoUml tool with a design rationale module. This design rationale module uses the Kuaba Ontology and must work with OWL and FLogic representation languages.

Bbargos - Container based middleware system

Argos is a personal middleware system that lets you easily create and deploy software components, webpages, widgets, J2ME applications and panels and bind them together into personal services.

Sodeja-generator - Generator from uml models (MDSD tool)

Model Driven Software Development(MDSD) generator. Works primary with ArgoUML. Genration is done from Java directly. Currently there are abstractions about generating Java code and Spring XMLs. See GeneratorDocumentation for what exactly is supported.