Alternative Rendering Framework for SharePoint

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A framework which makes redering accessibile SharePoint websites easier.



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Jxarfvalidator - JXarfValidator - Validates a X-ARF abuse report

JXarfValidator parses an abuse message and validates its content. If the content matches the specified X-ARF JSON-Schema, you will get the content of the abuse message as a X-ARF Report Object. It need only the Java runtime environment(JRE).

Arfs - Augmented Reality Framework for Silverlight

Augmented Reality Framework for Silvelight Don't make not just RIA, make RIA that interacts with people Status Looking for Collaborators

Cahit Arf

A utility to extract data from RDBMSs and convert into .arff file format required by WEKA data mining tool set, both interactive wizard and batch working modes.

X-ARF Reporting

This project automates the reporting of improper Internet use by the X-ARF format. The two schemas specified abuse_login-attack and abuse_malware are currently implemented. Fixing a Bug and the Date / Timestamp issues. Now it should work fine :)

arf - testing


email-arf - Email::ARF perl module for parsing ARF

Email::ARF perl module for parsing ARF

Email-ARF - Release history of Email-ARF

Release history of Email-ARF

Email--ARF--Hotmail - MOVED TO