Argument Dynamics Simulation

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A simulation package for investigating the dynamics of complex controversy.



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Final Project By Dwi Ardi Irawan [] Mobile RSS Push adalah mobile application yang di desain untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna mobile device tehadap akses sumber berita secara aktual. Dengan memanfaatkan RSS Feeds yang dimiliki oleh suatu konten dan teknologi GPRS maka artikel atau berita dari konten tersebut dapat kita dapatkan dengan biaya yang rendah. Mengadopsi dari Google Reader , Mobile RSS Push adalah sebuah RSS Reader, berbeda dengan RSS Reader yang terdapat pad

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6.39 HFW Description! What's That? A clone CFW for PSP Custom Firmware 6.39. Play homebrew,vlf recovery menu, ISOs,Psx games and enable plugins (prx files). You must be running PSP Official Firmware (OFW) 6.39.Working on all psp models (Go-Brite-Slim-Fat) -HFW Team- iPSad Tocean This CFW Based From PRO & OI Cfw's Credits (OI): Zer01ne Dridri Credits (PRO): Coldbird VirtuousFlame Thanks to Total_Noob Mathieulh Geohotz TPU Dark_Alex Davee victor.rds Takka Plum kgsws bbtgp neur0n

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Description\t This tool allow you to download all files needed by Sciifii v3 to use it in offline mode! How useYou have just to run .exe file and choose what you want to do! At end of download, a box will tell you if you want to move dowloaded files to SD card Changelogv3.1 Now you can download priiloader across this apps! v3 All change to use Team Wiigen 'API' and use config.xml use by Sciifii For old version: Descripti

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(EXPERIMENTAL) intel disassembler

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Arduino driven 5x4 LED Charlieplex playing Life