AMS Architecture

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ArchiMate Omnigraffle stencils

This is a set of Omnigraffle Stencils and Templates to work with the Archimate Framework. Please note that to use the ArchiMate trademark commercially you also require an associated ArchiMate license.


archiPEx is a connector between hylafax and sidocre. Every time you receive or send a fax, archiPEx convert your fax into pdf format and insert it in sidocre. It support filter (the cid of the sender) and categories (of sidocre)

Makeblog - extremely customisable, feature rich blog software, using the model view controller archi

blog software created in php, with a range of features accessible and customisable via an admin control panel. uses the Smarty template engine, so the user (if they wish) can completely change the design. Requirementsphp5 MySQL Apache

Advandb-repository - The Official Repository of ADVANDB (1st Term SY2011-2012)

Welcome to the ADVANDB Repository!Main Team (in alphabetical order): Choa, Archie Choa, Arnold Ng, Anson See, Kevin Contributors (in alphabetical order): Bonon, Michael Cua, Edmund Puada, Nico Wiki pages (such as changelogs/how-tos) can be found at: Downloads (apps, libs, etc.) can be found at: ApplicationsSHIFT (Python)Wiki page coming soon. It generates a market-basket analysis table i

Archie - Archie - a statistics plugin for Elexis

DescriptionArchie is a statistics plugin for Elexis, the open source application for management of medical practices, and a framework for developers to display and manage their custom statistical analyses. Additional InformationPlease consult the Archie Summary Website for more information. DevelopersPlease not that there are two projects in the SVN repository, both under the /svn/archie directory: ch.unibe.iam.scg.archie ch.unibe.iam.scg.archie.samples You'll have to checkout the trunk director

Archivity - Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Archivity is an Enterprise Architecture Modeling tool based on The Open Group's ArchiMate modeling language and built using Oryx and Signavio Core Components. RoadmapExport to Archi Import from Archi Implement Junctions Export as PDF Export as SVG Export as PNG Component alignment (Bottom, Top, Left, Right) Component grouping

Jsimulator - Um simulador de arquitetura CISC | A CISC Architecture Simulator

Português do Brasil Esse projeto é um simulador simples de uma arquitetura CISCDescrição básicaArquitetura acadêmica. Arquitetura de 16 bits. Instruções com opcodes de 10 bits, 6 bits para operandos Operandos imediatos estão na palavra seguinte à instrução. 5 Registradores de uso geral (R0 até R4). 2 Registradores de trabalho (Rx e RData). 1 DRAM configurável (expansível por módulos). English This project is a simple simulator of a CISC architectureBasic descriptionAcademic archi