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Arch4J is a Java architecture framework that provides an infrastructure of services to support enterprise business development. Included are a layered set of modular service providers including data access, messaging, logging, etc.



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Armv6-atomic - ARMV6, ARMV7 atomic primitives

armv6_atomic.hDesigned for ARMV6, ARMV7 (ex Cortex-A8) atomic primitives written for BADA and gcc will work also on IPhone and Android. Functions are written as templates so will be able to handle any combination of POD!(yes even structs!) types of sizes 1, 2, 4 and 8 bytes in size. Use this as include: #if defined(__ARM_ARCH_6__) || defined(__ARM_ARCH_6T2_) || defined(__ARM_ARCH_6J__) || defined(__ARM_ARCH_7__)|| defined(__ARM_ARCH_7A__)#include "armv6_atomic.h"#endifSupported functionality: Fu

mdp - A command-line based markdown presentation tool.

![image](***How to get started:***mdp needs the ncursesw headers to compile.So make sure you have them installed:- on Ubuntu/Debian you need `libncursesw5` and `libncursesw5-dev`- on Cygwin you need `libncursesw10` and `libncurses-devel`Now download and install mdp: $ git clone $ cd mdp $ make $ make install $ mdp On Arch you can us

Faster - 1k Proof of concept to achieve much faster boot times while enhancing daemon managing

What is faster?Faster is a very little init script aimed at Linux power-users and geek stuff oriented people. It is not industrial strength and does not comply with any other buzzwords. What it really does well is providing much better daemon handling (by means of a daemon manager e.g., daemontools) whilst offering the fastest boot times you can achieve in your machine (desktop or server). Another init..?It is NOT really an init. Conversely, it is an illustration of the useless nature of init pr

Android-ps3 - a google android port for Sony Playstation 3

A attempt to port Google's Android to the Sony Playstation 3. Anyone that has anything to bring to this project please inquire. Update 7/11/09 Sorry for the lack of news I have been in the process of moving and have since sold my old ps3 that contain the original project. Quite a few things have changed since the move. Believe it or not it takes quite a lot of time to compile this sucker on the ps3 and some serious space. When originally trying to get android to work on the ps

Mif32 - MIF32 TP

MIF32 SYSTÈMES MULTIPROCESSEURS, ALGORITHME ET OUTILS DE DÉVELOPPEMENT POUR LE CALCUL PARALLÈLE Master 1 Systèmes Multiprocesseurs, Algorithmes et Outils de Développement pour le Calcul Parallèle Modules I et II Jean-Marc Adamo , Professeur Organisation de l'enseignement Cet enseignement est subdivisé en deux modules I et II qui se suivent sur le second semestre. Le module II est la suite du module I. Il est destiné à en compléter l'enseignement. Pour suivre avec profit les enseignemen

Archy - Simple Frontend to Maven Archetypes

Archy is a simple, command-line frontend to Maven 2's Archetypes. It walks you through the process of creating a new project using these project templates. This tool was inspired by megg. The list of archetypes comes from two sources: An internal XML file that describes the archetype information An external Maven wiki page that lists available archetypes Examplemrdon@friend:~/dev$ java -jar archy.jarArchy-------Enter the archetype id [struts2-archetype-starter], or type 'list': list struts2-arch