Silverlight application using Arcgis Server 2010

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Arcgis Server 10 , Silverlight , Asp.Net , Arcgis API



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ORMAP Parcel Editing Toolbar

The ORMAP Parcel Editing Toolbar is a project that builds and maintains tools for editing parcel data via ESRI's ArcGIS. The tools consist of an ArcMap toolbar for use in ArcMap version 10X. CAUTION: STILL IN TEST MODE!!! 1/7/2011

PostGIS-Arc Connector

This project produces an Extension and VBA module that allows ESRIs ArcMap (v8.x) product to access Open Source Postgresql/PostGIS spatial data tables. Includes importing tables and exporting/updating back to the database. Currently using Postgresql OD

Gwt-esri - Allows full access of the ESRI JavaScript API in GWT.

ESRI offers a RESTful interface and associated Javascript library API to access geographical information available via an ArcGIS Server. This library allows access to this API via GWT. Check out the wiki for more info Here are the 0.9 Javadocs. Sample code for creating the ESRI Map Widget can be found here DownloadingThe latest release of the library can be downloaded here. (Note, disregard the 0.9 build and use 0.9.1 instead) Though the svn will be still rapidly changing as bugs are kicked out.

Open ArcIMS ActiveX Template

The Open ArcIMS ActiveX Template is a pre-built, modular, generic, reusable codebase for use with ESRI's ArcIMS version 3+ Internet Mapping Server's ActiveX Connector, created with dhtml, ASP 3, and vbscript for use on Microsoft IIS.

ESRI Shapefile Reader

Shapefile is a .NET library that supports read only enumeration of ESRI shapefiles, including any metadata. All 2D shapes are supported: Point, MultiPoint, PolyLine and Polygon.

Gesri - Integration of Google Earth and ESRI's ArcGIS Server

This project aims to demonstrate the ability for Google Earth to act as the front-end and visualization mechanism for conducting real geospatial analysis using ESRI's ArcGIS Server as the geoprocessing back-end.

Mdna - Map Document Notation Automation is a plugin for ESRI ArcMap used to facilitate automatic mar

Map Document Notation Automation is a plugin for ESRI ArcMap used to facilitate automatic markup of a map document. The plugin is written in C# for the .NET platform and uses NUnit (included in the source repository) for testing purposes.

Csvimporter - PowerPoint and source code for "Python and GIS: Beyond ModelBuilder and PythonWin

This repository contains a PDF of the presentation titled "Python and GIS: Beyond Modelbuilder and Pythonwin", presented at the ESRI 2008 PUG in Houston, Texas on February 26, 2008. All source code is also included.