Nebula Wars

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Nebula Wars is a remake of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Nebula Wars will be bringing new features to the game as well as staying true to the old classic.



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Scriptable frontend for media applications.

Arcaneos - ArcaneOS is a free operating system for the x86 platform.

ArcaneOS is a free operating system for the x86 platform. It is currently being developed in C and ASM.

Theumbra - Umbra's Mage Battlefield: the Renegade Arcanes

Umbra's Mage Battlefield: the Renegade ArcanesMultiplayer Game base on "Mage: the Ascension", from White Wolf. Check the presentations in the Downloads section for details. Changes to make: Owner's ObservationsFirst: DIE command on the battle channel. Second: If cast uses magic code, the others need to know what is in the grimorium?

ArcaneBase Knowledgebase System

ArcaneBase is a php based Knowledgebase system used for publishing documents for intranet, extranet, and internet applications. ArcaneBase is built focusing on quickness and relevance of search results.

Magecrawl - Roguelike game with an arcane theme.

Currently sleeping. See for information on tech demo III v2 and important caveats.

Arcans-project - application web, de jeu de rôle tactique par navigateur en 3D

L'application web "Arcans Project" est un jeu de rôle tactique par navigateur en 3D, basée sur les technologies webGL et AJAX, utilisant les langages PHP, MySQL, XHTML et XML, CSS et javascript. Le cycle de développement est de 3 mois. La première version publié, la 0.2, est parue le 15 Novembre 2010. La prochaine version, la 0.2a, est prévue pour le 15 Décembre 2010, pour corriger de nombreux bugs. Le projet étant sous licence GPL v3, il est possible de télécharger les sources (à par

Fangcheng - Early History of Linear Algebra: Chinese Sources

In China, from about the first century C.E. through the seventeenth century, anonymous and most likely illiterate adepts practiced an arcane art termed fangcheng 方程 (often translated into English as “rectangular arrays�). This art provided procedures for manipulating counting rods on a counting board, which enabled practitioners to produce answers to seemingly insoluble riddles. This art seems to have been closely aligned with other mathematical arts, including various forms of calculati

Arcane Eternity

Arcane Eternity is an open-source roleplaying game. It will be written in C/C++ using an object oriented framework. It will use the following libraries: OGRE, OpenAL, ODE, CEGUI, Xerces, SDL, HawkNL. The game will run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux/X11.

Umber Tools

The Umber project provides simple, flexible, quot;earthyquot; Java tool libraries for developers. The tools supplement common tasks like XML handling, data processing, and PDF generation, but without the complex and arcane APIs of most modern implementations.