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Document based acceptance tester. Similar to FIT in goal. Manages requirements documents in Word or RTF format that are created jointly by customer and developer. Requirements are parsed to extract a glossary and test suite.



Related Projects


An open source chess engine in C, released under the GPL. Compatible with the XBoard and UCI interface protocols to link to a GUI or other chess arbiter.


PepArML: An unsupervised, model-free, combining peptide identification arbiter for tandem mass spectra via machine learning.

Web system/application administration

Web-Arbiter is a J2EE web-based application/system management tool. It can be used to monitor/start/stop/restart applications (daemons) from a web-interface. Includes a basic, easy to use xml user/role/password configuration.

The-deep - A Real Time Strategy game inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeons and Dr

The Deep is a liberal mashup of Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper. Utilizing Dwarf Fortress's general map style (albeit in 3D) and Dungeon Keeper's devilish outlook. There are two different playable races: The Dwargr and the Underthrall. The Dwargr are evil dwarves seeking order, as the Underthrall, denizens from The Deep, are attempting to take over the whole world, as arbiters of chaos.

Brain-bacon - A couple of wannabe programmers who write stuff in python and then go get drunk.

Back in buisness...Lulz. Can this even be called a project? More like a brain-fart. We're bored, we wanted to learn python, so we post our code here and try to help each other while making sure we have enough caffeine. june 9, 2010: the blog be updatin' yo may 28, 2pm: i ate a sandwich and updated the blog GENTLEMEN BEHOLD! BLOGGGGG! In other news: We have officially reached High Activity! Thanks arbitrary arbiter! --- Right, anyway. As of 1-8-11, We're back! I --

Albamon - part time job

아르바�트 구�구�

Roh-arbiter - Officiating tool for Rings of Honor

Arbiter is a tool written in C#/Mono using GTK# to assist Rings of Honor officials in calling duels, mainly for use in settings where the official flash chat caller tool is unavailable, such as in the Red Dragon Inn. It uses a tabbed interface to track individual duels, using an interface that resembles that of the tool in the RoH flash chat. The moves must be entered manually using the provided comboboxes, but it will resolve the round and update scores for you. You can also undo in case of a m

multi-picoblaze cores sharing same input/output address space

Clock gating technique to lock multi-picoblaze cores sharing input/output address space. An arbiter module solve simultaneous collision on input/output bus and a mutex module solve mutex exclusion code zones.

Session Arbiter

Manages time limits for local login sessions on workstation running Windows Vista and Windows 7. Essentially, it aims to reproduce on regular workstations the functionality that exists for Remote Desktop Services that allows administrators to impose time limits on different ki...