Arachnid Web Spider Framework

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Arachnid is a Java-based web spider framework. It includes a simple HTML parser object that parses an input stream containing HTML content. Simple Web spiders can be created by sub-classing Arachnid and adding a few lines of code called after each page



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A blog application for App Engine


Arachnide is an Open Source client for UO server emulators (primary UOX). It uses the SDL library to achieve a platform independent fast graphic access. (Hopefully) we'll bring a new level to free, graphic based MUD games.

Astropython - AstroPython Google App Engine web site

Google App Engine blog code for running the AstroPython web site. The purpose of this web site is to act as a knowledge base for performing this research with the open source Python language. It should become a means for collecting users' code snippets or scripts, lists of useful resources, and general advice from their own experiences. The code was forked from (original author William T. Katz) and has been customized to support different categories of content, l

Spidersfromspace - A classic arcade shooting game where you must defend the Earth from arachnid inva

AboutA classic arcade shooting game where you must defend the Earth from arachnid invaders PremiseThe Space Spiders are starting their invasion of Earth, and the only person who can stop them is Santa. With help from his loyal Elves and an array of holiday themed weapons, he must fight off the legions of invaders before they take over the planet. LicenseSource code is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Media is licensed under a proprietary license. The original comic inspirati

Cryptrover - Escape From The Crypt

Get the latest source from subversion- it includes some bug fixes and new features not present in the release versions. If you have any comments/suggestions/complains you can post on the newsgroup. It isn't a high activity group, but I will read anything you post there. You can also post it on the comments page. For a more immediate response, I am often logged in as joe6pack in the #rgrd channel at irc:// You are an archaeologist trapped in an underground crypt with a limited su

Dans-snpcs - A addon for garry's mod which adds a bunch of SNPCS.

A bunch of SNPCS I made. I did little modeling except decompiling and the russian model with the ushanka. Included is: Xenomorph from Alien series Facehugger from Alien series Velociraptor from Jurassic Park Arachnid Warrior from Starship Troopers Generic Zombie from every zombie movie/game/whatever. ;P Parasite (bug things) from Cloverfield HGrunts from Obsidian Mod Snork from Stalker Replica from FEAR (Yes, I know, the gun position is broken. I can't fix it unless I have a modeler so...) Blood


Arachnid is a cross-platform 3D graphics engine.

arachnid - Initial Commit

Initial Commit

Arachnid - UW PCE Python Project

UW PCE Python Project


A censorship resistant distributed publishing system

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