Arabic Spellchecker Word Lists

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Arabic word list for spell checkers (e.g. Aspell).



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Arabic Wordlist for Spellchecking

Arabic word list for spell checking containing 9 million Arabic words. The words are automatically generated from the AraComLex open-source finite state transducer. The entire list is validated against Microsoft Word spell checker.

Ghalatawi, Arabic AutoCorrect

This Project aims to construct a word list and a list of regular expressions for Arabic auto correction ( auto spelling.

Arab Techies

A collection of open source libraries and tools that provide solutions for common problems in processing Arabic text, especially in web applications. text normalization, phrase segmentation, text indexing, stop word lists, common spelling mistakes.

Eoa-admin - a user adminstrator php

Thanks all to who have download my project and also to who didn't I'm afraid that my main language is Arabic so pleases forgave any miss spelling I'm also try to write to fast Any way I would like to ask How match time do you take with such project And how much money do you sell it ? It takes allot of time with me because I have to learn wile i work On it It takes about 3 month now So I would like to ask is that is good or bad By the way the project is in my web site if you want to watch a demo

Bfrarabic - Arabic language tools for Biferno Web programming Language

Arabic language tools for Biferno Web programming Language. Features/tools: Arabic text auto summarization Advanced Arabic search (stem based) Render Arabic text (PDF, GD, SWF) Present dates in Arabic or Hijri Convert Hijri date into Unix timestamp Parse Arabic textual datetime into timestamp Transliterate English words in Arabic Transliterate Arabic words in English Spell numbers in Arabic idiom Phonetically alike Arabic words Arabic character set converter Arabic character set auto detection I