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Our mission is to develop open source solutions and provides professional support helps small and medium size companies meet the challenges of developing professional Arabic websites in the PHP/MySQL environment based on our experience in Arabic language processing, the library that we develop helps companies save time and increase productivity.



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Infoteknia - sitio online en php

Proyecto desarrollado en php con el framework symfony para el cliente El mismo consta de tres secciones de información y un catálogo de ofertas.

Phpcyclo - McCabe cyclomatic complexity measurement tool for PHP

This is slightly modified version of Pasquale Ceres' php_lint, aimed at command line launch (for integration with NuSphere PHPEd). Also, code modified to comply with PHP 5.3 - i.e., ereg functions replaced with preg-counterparts. Original author page:

Gae-java-tutorial1 - Google App Engine Java Tutorials

Google App Engine TutorialHello, Ive Just create a few tutorials and How To for the Java version of the Google App Engine. You may see the full post at my blog... - Covered in this tutorial - DATASTORE - Singletons - Servlets Soon... - Guice - Spring - Struts - More JDO and JPA. by Leandro Milmanda Perez.

Workout - Motivated Workouts

Tire a trouxa de roupa de cima da sua barriga de tanquinho. Com o sistema workout você tem a motivação necessária para alcançar seus objetivos.

Php-html2array - PHP: HTML to Array Class

The PHP class takes a string containing HMTL code and parses it to an array as good as possible (it tries to do its best even if the code is malformed). The class works inverse than others. It parses from the simplest HTML tags to the complex ones. It works fairly fast. It has the option to ignore single tags (such as meta tags, img tags and so on). An easy example is this one: $html = file_get_contents('');$parser = new htmlParser($html);$ar = $parser->toArray();var_dump($a

Tradutor-pitez-portugues - DeXpItAxAr - Tradutor PiTêZ -> Português

DeXpItAxAr - Tradutor PiTêZ -> Português Projecto Descontinuado:,4537.0.html,58759.0.html Demo:

Ar-acl - Access Control Library for Codeigniter PHP Framework

Ar-aclIntroductionAr-acl is Access Control Library for codeigniter. This library works with two methods. User access control by role, e.g: "admin/" is admin page that can be accessed only by admin. "salary/" is employer's salary page that can be edited by hrd dept and accounting dept. User access control by Very Private Page (VPP) check, e.g: "profile/edit/john.r" is a page to edit profile information that can be edited by user who logged on with username "john.r". FeaturesRestrict user based on

Definedmail - Simple PHP Mailer Class

A simple but powerfull mail class written in PHP. It's takes all complicate things you shouldn't care and resolve it for you. Just send emails. Example<?phpinclude_once 'DefinedMail.php';DefinedMail::from('', 'Bundle Software');$html = <<<HTML<p> This is an <acronym title="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</acronym> text with <a href="">links</a>, <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i> and everything.</p>HTML;DefinedMail::mail('Example') ->to('', 'Ju

Lastreadpost - A greasemonkey script to track and display the last post read in threads on the Ars T

NOTICE: Due to Ars moving forum software to phpBB which has last read functionality built in, this project is pretty much dead dead dead.Thanks all. This is a modification of THBMans excellent LastReadPost greasemonkey script, updated to store the read status on a central server for use on multiple machines. It’s quick and dirty and hasn’t been tested much, but so far seems to work. You’ll need a server with php and mySQL to use this. Setup instructions FYI: I just added the ability to hid