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Acquisition is a gnutella client written in Objective-C for Mac OS X.



Related Projects


KTimeTrace is a graphical front end for analog data aquisition using Comedi/Comedilib. It plots incoming data and records it to disk, and is similar in some ways to a virtual oscilloscope. It relies on the KDE/QT libraries.

Muonic - A platform-independent DAQ for the QuarkNet DAQ cards (

The QuarkNet DAQ cards ( an easy way to register photomultiplier signals to e.g. read out scintillators in a small air shower experiment. This project aims to develop an Open Source, platform-independent data aquisition for these cards.

WS2000PC weather station framework

Data aquisition and analysis framework for the ELV WS2000 personal weather station. Provides java-based batch datat aquisition, RDBMS storage and a TOMCAT powered website. Developed using ECLIPSE, TOMCAT, JFREECHART and SUN COMM Drivers.

Automatebiosphere - Automate pour la regulation d'un environement

Biosphere est un automate pilotant une interface USB uChameleon sous Linux Pilotage de relai des differents peripheriques Aquisition de donnees provenant de differentes sondes Actuellement Biosphere est composé de 3 applications Hydrosphere : Service Web (XMLRPC-C) Acces a une base de donnée (SQLite) Athmosphere : Interface graphique (GTK) Affichage des plannings des evenements Affichage de graphiques (SVG) Configuration des elements Lithosphere : Execute les evenements planifiés sur le modul

Pbx Accounting Billing

Call accounting/billing software which uses SMDR facility of phone centrals. It uses a set of scripts for data(calls) aquisition/recording and preprocessing before import into a mysql database. The billing is done with PHP using a strong set of criterias

Etmea - An ethernet based aquisition and control system

The aim of the project is to create a system for measurement data aquisition and control via ethernet. Initial development will target the LPC2378-STK board and will allow reading the accelerometer data via ethernet.

Cocho - enterprise tool to manage cattle

this is a simple tryout to create a tool to help cattle owners to manage their cattle lives, from birth/aquisition to sell/prodution. we might implement control of race and genealogy. extending to manage animals life and wellbeeing. tags. control of vacines, feeding, breed. aution control. production of animal origin, milk, leather, rodeos, competitive exposure.

Webcashmotor - Your device allowing free practice of the money datevaluation in Economy 4G3W

The money datevaluation practice may be presented as the first economic practice which serves to substitute the investment practice when the economic agent is looking to reach gains in added value for yielding wealth. Datevaluation is a new category of economic practice besides consumption, savings and investment that are the 3 practices for whole results in Classic Economy, the datevaluation is a starter upgrade into Web fields and using others personal communication motors to enlarge economic

Possm - (Python Open Source Scanning Microscopy) Open source code for controlling scanning tunneling

This monetarily free code is supplied for the control of servo-based scanning tunneling microscopes(STM). One of the goals of the project is adaptability. Instrument/hardware specific code has been segregated into distinct modules to accommodate the various computer hardware configurations and approach mechanisms. Scan types are easily added, adjusted and scripted and include, but are not limited to imaging and spectroscopy. Data is saved in the popular NetCDF data format. The code is meant to r