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Change the way as you Lazy Load your object actions.



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Jotaquery - ActionScript + jQuery

jotAQueryJotAQuery is a ActionScript3 port to jQuery. (uncomplete @ work in progress)= The syntax is the same... Examples package com.singuerinc.external{\tpublic class Test extends MovieClip\t{\t\tpublic function Test()\t\t{\t\t\t//jQuery script\t\t\t$("#unDiv").css({width: '100px', height: '200px'});\t\t}\t}}

Android-query - Simpler Coding for Android

Android QueryAndroid-Query (AQuery) is a light-weight library for doing asynchronous tasks and manipulating UI elements in Android. Our goal is to make Android coding simpler, easier, and more fun! Documentation API Demo App, Sample App (SimpleFeed), SimpleFeed Source. javadoc Android Development Blog Download jar, Release Notes Discussion Group GitHub Why AQuery?Less Code AJAX Callback Image Loading XML Parsing Chaining Binding Authentication In-app Version Check Alleviate Fragmentation Multipl

Fxadata - A set of Actionscript 3 classes that are built upon the classes.

FxADataThis project contains a set of Actionscript 3 classes that are built upon the classes. These classes allow developers to easily access and communicate with the SQLite databases using MXML and AS3. This library is currently in Pre-Alpha and has not been released for the general public.There are two separate libraries (that may be merged together in a future release); FxAQuery and FxAProc. FxAQuery allows the developer to access and execute queries against a SQLite database using


aquery is a parody of jqurey syntax actionscript libraries

AQuery - A???JQuery