Aquarium Web Application Framework

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Aquarium is a framework for creating highly-dynamic, custom Web application in Python. It offers convenient libraries, tight integration with Cheetah, adaptors for various Web environments, and a convenient approach to Web development.



Related Projects


A java based aquarium management database.

Sherman's aquarium

Sherman's aquarium is a xscreensaver hack, an wm(window maker) applet and a a gnome-applet too that shows a couple of nice animated fish that swim around. It can also display the current CPU load and the status of capslock,numlock and scrollock.

Hro-aqua-project - Aquarium project HRO

Main goal is to monitor a fish in a aquarium and display it's location on a x-y-z diagram.

Aquatic - Animated Aquarium, iGoogle Gadget with Moving Fishes and Plants

This is a Cross Browser DHTML Aquarium. If you Click on Glass it will bubble air to add fresh air for the Aquatic Life. Historically this is the Gadget that Launched a 1000 Gadgets in the Web and on Portable Devices. Made Virtual Pets Popular, even in the new social networks. ;-) Now this gadget, got canvas view too. First Gadget - Animated Aquarium Gadget with Moving Fishes and Plants. Improved for Canvas - Sea Aquarium Gadget, Canvas View, Performers include Starfish, AngelFish and Seaweed.

Fish-sim - A fish aquarium simulator for teaching basic game programming

This project is a simple game which is intended to aid in teaching game programming. It has simple mechanics, simple graphics, input and sound. It also makes use of settings files, plug-ins and demonstrates .NET reflection in this regard.

Theaquarium - a game without gameplay

The Aquarium a project by Hogent students - Stijn Duynslaeger - Kris Dehaudt - Mathias D'Haeseleer - Pieter Colpaert CONTENTS 1. INSTALL 2. TESTED 3. REQUIREMENTS 4. LICENSE INSTALL This is a Java project and does not need installation. All you need to do is cd to the project location and launch java -jar TheAquarium.jar TESTED The aquarium has been tested on several machines such as: Ubuntu 9.10 without compiz Fedora 12 Windows NT6.0 Windows NT6.1 Tested with: OpenJDK 6 runtime Sun java 6 runti

Webglsamples - Various WebGL Samples

A place to host and work on some WebGL sample applications. Feel free to contribute if you want. Looking for the Google IO Samples? Google I/O 2011 WebGL Techniques and Performance Samples Aquarium By Greggman and Human Engines You can also run the Aquarium synced across multiple machines. See here for more info. Blob By Henrik Rydgård Caves by Jasmine Kent Langridge Collectibles By Human Engines Color Adjust By Greggman Dynamic Cubemap By Greggman Electricflower By Henrik Rydgård Field By Gre

Aquarium Text Filter

Aquarium is a filtering package written in PHP. It filters nearly all four-letter words, profanities, and pornographic language from any text, while filtering nearly no benign words. Use Aquarium to keep your dynamic web application suitable for all ages

Vars-redux - A re-implementation of MBARI's Video Annotation and Reference System using JPA

The Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) is a software interface and database system that provides tools for describing, cataloging, retrieving, and viewing the visual, descriptive, and quantitative data associated with video. Developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) for annotating deep-sea video data, VARS is currently being used to describe over 3000 dives by our remotely operated vehicles (ROV). VARS has allowed MBARI scientists to produce numerous quanititati