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Web tool for managing your own projects and it's tests. This tool is useful for testers who need to track results of their tests.



Related Projects

Library-database-csharp-mssql - This is a project for the AQA A2 Computing course, it is written in

This project is for the AQA A2 Computing course. The plan is to implement various features as requested by the school librarian and also test it.

Newt-mechanics - Solves Newtonian mechanics problems presenting a text and visual solution.

NOTE: This project has been solemnly created to pass my A level Computing (COMP4 AQA Computing). The program will solve Newtonian mechanics based programs based on the parameters and values provided (such as forces, mass, friction etc.) The answers (unknown values) will be resolved and displayed in a text and visual (diagram) manner (static or not). For example problems see Mechanics 1 AQA A2 level mathematics course.

A-level-computing - A-level Computing notes for students

Documentation, notes and examples following the requirements of the AQA Computing A-level course.

Osca - Open Source Computing A-level

Open Source learning resource. Documentation, notes and examples following the requirements of the Computing A-level course, primarily for the AQA board. Go straight to the wiki.

Aqa-computer-science-prerelease - Any functions, procedures for the aqa computer science prerelease

To be given to candidates on or after Wednesday 1 April 2009 Information • This Preliminary Material comprises o Instructions to Candidates, o a Data File and a o Skeleton Program for VB.NET which your teacher will supply. You must only use the version of the Skeleton Program supplied by your teacher. • Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the Preliminary Material before the examination. • This Preliminary Material will be made available to you again in the examination. Yo

Aorw - This projects implements approximate ontology reasoning methods.

This project implements the Approximate Ontology Reasoning Framework which consists of a number of components for approximate reasoning such as Screech, AQA and Benchmarking tool. Furthermore, it provides an array of tools which are useful for easy-access to ontology processing and reasoning on the top of the well-known KAON2 and OWL-API.

Ebayajax - Ebay Ajax Frontend

Ebay Ajax Web ApplicationProject SummaryAQA Computing CPT6 Project for creating a web application for a client who wishes to manages their eBay listings they are selling that incoporates a rich ajax interface that will remain responsive. This project uses the Ebay API, located at and relies on the Zend Framework for the architecture to implement the MVC Framework. The ajax will rely heavily on the Prototype Javascript libraries and to accomplish a rich user interface S